One interval block better than more little blocks?


Most people think about interval in changing speed/hr/power over difference little blocks with rest in between. But now i read more about Time in Zone is more important.

So for example i can handle 60min tempo or SST. Is there any benefit to do 4x15min or 2x30min Tempo or SST with a little rest in between, or is there more benefit from one big block?

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If you can handle 1x60mins then I dont believe there is much use out of breaking it into 4x15mins. The reason to break it into section is to extend the total time for a single workout.

At this point you have the option to see if your FTP has raised and re-start your sweet spot progression from a 30-40 time in zone with rest. Or to continue to extend your TTE by breaking your interval and aiming to do 70-80-90mins. The most I have seen people do in a single workout was 3x40 but Iā€™m not sure what benefit there is to extend it that much versus increasing the power of the interval.

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