Omnium - Any tips?

Assuming the weather is good (I am a fair weather outdoor rider), there is what I believe is an omnium this coming weekend I might jump into. Sat morning rolling 38 mile road race, afternoon pancake flat 6.5 mile TT then a pancake flat crit on Sunday. I assume turn out will be very small - less than 15 Cat 5’s. I have never done a road race of any sort in my life.

Of course, I haven’t cleared any of this with the family and might instead spend the weekend jumping around from soccer game to soccer game. However, I didn’t locate any omnium specific threads with the search function so figured I’d just ask.

not really sure what the question is, but planning with the family is huge; let them know now! :wink:

you should totally jump in and race. between the RR and TT, don’t eat solid foods, just drink some maltodextrin to stay topped off. Otherwise you’ll be barfing.

Give em hell and let us know how it goes! LMK what other questions you may have, once you get it cleared with the fam!

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Hey there!

This article on Stage Racing might be very useful for you :slight_smile:

While not specifically an “omnium” article, stage racing and omnium racing are very very similar, so this article should have great takeaways :+1:

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Tip - no matter how bad you think you did, check the results.

I’ve only done one omnium. There was some weirdness in the entry process (just entering the 3 races was not enough to get into the omnium) but I checked all the boxes. I crashed in the crit and got close to last. The next day, I used the tt as a warm up for the road race and didn’t even go hard. I sucked in the road race and immediately went home after the finish.

I got last in the omnium (not unexpected) but it turns out only 3 guys in my category both successfully navigated the convoluted entry process and finish all three events. If I’d stuck around, I could have gotten a podium pic!

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There wasn’t a particular question, was just hoping folks with experience might jump in and give a few general tips on this particular set up.

If the weather holds, I think I am good to go on the home front.

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Ah got it! Just getting the lay of the land! My 4 x 4m intervals made me tired so I made this quick video reply instead of typing it all out. Have a blast and good luck!

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Sounds fun, I’d be all over it.

Thanks for the feedback video. I’ll keep it all in mind and report back if I end up doing it. I have all the TT goodies since I primarily dabble in triathlons so I should be set on that end.

I did just happen to notice that the current Individual Pursuit world record holder is signed up for the event. Obviously not in my Cat, but for the TT everyone rides the same short course so will be fun to see just how much faster he is than the average Joe.

I hate the cold so my participation will all depend on the weather forecast getting a little better and my daughter giving me permission to miss her soccer game on Saturday.

awesome; good luck!! reply back with how it went, would love to hear the stories

Well, the weather turned and I bowed out. 34 with 20 mph winds at the start (feels like of 21). No thanks. I said all along I am a fair weather rider and had no interest in that sort of temp. It was 75 degrees on Wednesday!

Also, they weren’t scoring an omnium for Cat 5’s. Only Cat 4 and above were an omnium so there was little incentive to do all three races in the Cat 5’s. That coupled with the weather resulted in a very, very small field for the RR and no Cat 5’s in the TT.

I did intend to still sign up for the Crit, but mistakenly thought I had until yesterday at 5 to sign up since the race is today. Apparently all registrations were due on Friday and they aren’t allowing same day registrations which is too bad because the weather is much, much better today. Might even hit 50!

dang! well, next time! Lmk if you have questions before the next one pops up!

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