Old 2010 cannondale wanted upgrade to etap

Is there a way to upgrade this bike components with etap?
What parts do I need and were can I buy it?

Yes, it’s possible in concept.

Your best bet would be to go to a local bike shop and tell them exactly what you want to do. They can identify the specific parts you need (aside from the obvious and necessary ones like derailleurs, shifter/brake levers, brakes, cranks, chain, etc.). There is a fair bit of research to doing it right and getting all the parts needed.

As a side, I have to question why? Without pricing parts, you are likely to spend around double what the bike is worth. Maybe it’s sentimental or some other reason to want to keep it, but maybe you are better served by just getting a new bike, along with wheels and such to get a fully new experience.

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Ya it’s sentimental I got a moots but end of the day I grab this bike

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OK, if you want to tackle it yourself, some google research and reading may be in order, or just go to a shop and let them help with the process.

I previously installed Red ETAP (11 speed) on my a 2012 planet x frame and it was pretty straight forward and worked well. Just need to make sure you have an 11 speed Cassette (and hub that will take it if you currently have 10 speed. Then you need to get the ETAP rear derailleur that is compatible with your cassette range e.g. if your biggest rear cog is a 32 then you will need the medium sized derailleur as opposed to the small.

That said, I am assuming you would put the original ETAP 11 speed system on. If you are talking AXS 12 speed then there may be other considerations.

I bought the ETAP set up for $1400 dollars, then when I upgraded to a new bike a year later, I sold the ETAP components… for $1350…

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Where can I purchase old etap

ebay or slowtwitch classifieds most likely.

I’ve seen some websites selling off old 11sp etap but few and far in between.

I read on WW that old etap is no longer supported by SRAM, so finding spare parts might be difficult.