Sram Etap with Shimano 105

This is a question about conscious:
I really want to upgrade from my Allez Sprint to the disc version and build it up with etap and deep section wheels, but I could not afford a new powermeter. I would need to carry my crank based 105 powermeter over to the new bike and mix the etap with 105.
Any thoughts on that? Not sure I can live with that…

You can make that work without issue. As long as you’re going 11sp 105 full crankset to be paired up with an eTap front and rear derailleur, this will not be a problem.

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I’ve seen it done with a DA crank with Pioneer (can’t remember) but eTap everything else. I never really noticed until someone pointed it out. The important thing to remember is why you’re doing this. If it’s for performance and training better keep the PM with 105 crank. If it’s to conform to someone else’s rules on what a proper bike should look like then don’t.

Maybe when you absorb the cost of it all you will be able to afford a SRAM crank down the road…


Cycling is such a fashion show, it’s annoying. Run whatever mix of components you like, (as long as they’re compatible and work together) and have fun on the bike! I’ve mixed all kinds of drivetrain pieces together and I always enjoy the end result.


Insert facepalm emoji.

I have had and have bike with mixed groups. Sram or shimano cassette or chain etc. Mixing is very common. I. Who cares.

Loads of OEM bikes mix and match, as long as your shifters and mechs match then you should be fine

a +1 on yes - do it if you want, it’ll be fine.

Of course you can live with it :+1:

I bought the etap aero upgrade kit and run it on my TT bike with a Rotor crankset and Campagnolo wheels

But then you won’t be matchy matchy! Scandalous! What will all the guys say on the group ride!? I will be ostracized :wink: