OK, forum guinea pigs: topical nitric oxide

You know, because beet root juice tastes like eating dirt…

Eroxon is, ostensibly, a topical nitric oxide boosting gel. Recently available OTC. Who is going to be the first among us to slather our legs with Eroxon & see if it improves performance? On the bike, I mean. On the bike.

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thought I got the joke, but not the context, so I looked up Eroxon and LOL the drug company picked a great name

all I’m saying is that topical NO would be hard to beet. Which is, if I’m counting correctly, a triple entendre.

(but, seriously, topical nitric oxide would be an interesting thing)

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why not just get nitroglycerine spray or isosorbide di/mononitrate?

lol you forgot to add ‘get Eroxon’

Just squirt an inch of nitropaste on and if you don’t pass out, you’re good to go!

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Also,don’t forget to take the ibuprofen so you don’t get the killer headache. (Lessons learned from being a nurse)