Offer 6 week referral codes and trials

I have referred many people to TR. The cost is a non issue for many but for some it is important. Some want to compare SUF, Zwift, and TR. I give my 2 cents on each with the pros and cons (because no program is perfect for everyone) but usually encourage TR. In my discussion just yesterday, I reiterated my experience and the mantra spoken of on the podcast… consistency. I said do the work, be consistent, and you will start to see results.
I can only assume that SSB is the most common place to start, right? Wouldn’t it be great to have users complete SSB1 over 6 weeks, see results, and get them hooked? She has the one month trial, and I have referral codes that will hopefully stack so she can complete the SSB1 6 week cycle. I’m hesitant that if SSB2 is “free” there could be dropout do to the dramatic increase in difficulty.
I’m not sure if anyone else has thought this or if I should even be posting this here. I just really want TR to keep kicking @$$.

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You can’t stack free months, however the first month is money back guaranteed if she is not satisfied.

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could I give 1 referral code to follow the month trial?

What do you mean by month trial? You can only get one with a referral, while the other option is paying and then asking for a refund if you are not satisfied in the first 30 days.

I guess you can’t use a referral once you are already subscribed, but I’m not 100% sure.

I actually agree with this, let people get to the point that they get to ramp test again after one full block, and then kick em off if they don’t pay. The increase in FTP should have hooked them

  • Correct, referrals are only applicable by “new” users who have not paid for TR before.

Thanks for this note! Suggesting this to the team for consideration. :+1: