Obed gravel bikes - any experiences?

I used the search and couldn’t find anything, but curious if anyone has experience on OBED gravel bikes and what the thoughts might be?

They’re local to me and are made out of the Litespeed factory and are having a pretty solid sale through the weekend I’m poised to take advantage of.

Essentially, I’m a 25 year roadie/triathlete with zero interest in true mountain bike type riding, so this would be used for nicely crushed gravel and rail trail type things. Planning on purchasing their “baseline” model

I got a base model boundary in summer 2020 and have absolutely abused it — gravel, crashes, cyclocross. It has been great. I was looking for a carbon frame but at entry level costs, couldn’t be happier. The stock wheels were monsters so I swapped those out pretty quickly, but otherwise very happy so far.

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The Boundary uses the Carbonda 696 frameset, which is probably the most popular open mould gravel frame out there and is sold by at least a dozen or so brands under their own badges. It’s got a great reputation and is one of the most proven frames out there.

This a good starting place if you’re curious:

Or here

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Oh awesome, thank you!