Thesis OB1 Road/Gravel/Allroad bike or?

I am looking to swap around bikes this winter and looking for a new road/gravel bike. I acquired some nice GRX 2x11 takeoff groupset and a set of DT Swiss wheels so I am thinking a frame up build or a budget carbon bike and upgrade with what I have.

The Thesis OB1 frame kit for $1499 looks like a killer option.

Anyone care to chime in on what’s hot for all road/gravel bikes right now? I can’t keep up with all the new bikes, lol!

Nothing wrong with that bike. If you don’t mind ordering from the manufacturer directly, it’s an open mold frame from Carbonda (CF 505). But Thesis made a couple of tweaks and claim better quality control / warranty etc. (nothing wrong with their approach). It was more just an FYI if you are interested in that specific model - Carbonda also has newer gravel frame sets (696, 707).


Cervelo aspero is awesome

I’m in a similar boat, I’m slowing ruling out bikes, and the current two that remain on the list, are:

Santa Cruz Stigmata frame only for $2299 MSPR

Or a complete Cannondale Topstone alloy.

I only want a threaded bb frame, and ideally one that can run 650B with 2.0 and 700c with around a 40mm. The cannondale isnt talked about running 650B, but it’s been around for maybe 3 years, so I expect they’ll announce a new one at some point, and likely add 650B compatibility.

I have ridden neither.

I have the 505, as my road bike. I never use road bikes.

One thing to note, I have not posted on this in any forum or message boards before, but my BB she’ll was not aligned. It’s off-center from each other.

I eventually, after killing my Wheels Mfg thread together BB and having nonstop clicking during rides, that I went with BB Infinite and sanded the BB interface to let me get it through the openings.

Support was non-responsive from Carbonda, other than “he will tak to QA.” That was months ago and never heard back.

In that vein, I know friends with Thesis and it has been trouble free and the owner is very responsive on social media and my friends are big supporters as well as being in the USA so you don’t have to wait for a response overnight.