Gravel Bike Options - Help

Have a Tarmac SL6 currently and a new Epic Evo which I like but thinking about getting a gravel with 2 wheel sets to replace at least the mtb. While Mtb has been great it is really not for me and don’t want it to just sit around.

Anyone that went this route have any tips? I want 2x for sure, di2 and something that is more road as 85-90% will be road and 10% off.

I see the Crux (would convert), Allied echo as a few options but what else is out there I am missing?

Thanks in advance and I read the other threads but those are a little old. No immediate timeline as I know some bikes are hard to come by

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Giant Advanced
Lauf Anywhere / True Grit / Seigla


I have an Allied Echo that I use as my gravel bike and I absolutely love it. I have it set up w/ 2x SRAM Red AXS 48/35 w/ a 10/33 cassette. I run Zipp 303 firecrests w/ Continental Terra Speed 40mm tires. The bike is fast and very comfortable. It’s also really, really good in road mode.

Previously I had a Giant Revolt Advanced w/ grx. The Revolt was comfortable but never really felt that fast to me. In my opinion, the Allied Echo is far superior.

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Lots of botique stuff like T-Lab X3.22 and Moots.

All the major mfgs have something.
Cannondale Topstone is interesting

I’ve got a T-Lab as well as a converted Trek FX-5s (was flat bar tiagra, now drop bar 105 brifters /GRX 1x crank / XT rear derailleur). I don’t NEED both, but the trek does double duty as a commuter too.


Thanks will check those out

Thanks and that is helpful. Like how you can build the bike with Allied and get the upgrades you want from the start. Plus being in Atlanta not too far from me and one dealer here.

Thank you and will check that out.

Add the Open UP to you list

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Where do you live? What’s the biggest tire you’re going to put on it?

You probably want something like the Domane or a “standard” (no feature) gravel bike in this space.
Something like the new crux or Boone are CX bikes with longer seat tubes, which make the ride a bit rougher than your Tarmac on road tires. ( The Boone might ride OK, I haven’t seen any test numbers). Some of these bikes have a high bottom bracket (low BB drop #) meaning you’re going to sit higher, which is an aero issue if you’re XL and drafting OR small and standover is an issue.
You probably want to run a 44 or 46t chainring for dual use, and some of these frames won’t take a that ring without some work.

Open UP with 2 wheel sets is my setup. Conti 5000 32mm for road are wonderful


Check out the geometry comparisons on all the bikes. I ride a Revolt Advanced Pro 0. I bought it because it’s got a more relaxed geometry but is very light. I have friends with Open UP and Allied Echo that are both rockets with aggressive geo and snappy handling, I’m very happy with my Revolt and they’re very happy with the UP and Echo. Just depends on what you’re after, speed or comfort. I will say, I’d avoid any of the gimmicky things like the Lauf fork or the Diverge shock since 90% of your riding will be on road. You can make up for those things by taking a psi or two out of your tires (and I say that as a former Lauf owner).

I live in Marietta, GA and probably wont do anything bigger than 38 is my guess. I do have some decent hills here and nice elevation gains.

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Hate the future shock on Specialized bikes. I am aggressive on my Tarmac right now so I want a little more relaxed but not a whole lot. Will check out open up.

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Definitely check Open UP/UPPER … I humbly submit a photo of my gravel race bike that I also have set up for the road just last week to test it out found HERE

I have a 1x with a 44t chainring; 10-44 cassette; SRAM Force AXS

Bikes are fun … good luck🤘


Thanks and that does look nice.

I do this on my giant TCX. 2 wheelsets. Love it.

PS-If you are going to be swapping out wheels, Di2 is the way to go (if you can). Im mechanical and that little short housing to the rear deraileiur has caused alot of problems since im always swapping out wheels.

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I have had di2 and prefer it to sram even though sram is pretty good. I will have 2 wheel sets for sure.

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I have the Open Wi.De (which is 1x only) with the Sram mullet setup (10-50) cassette. I can swap between 38, 40 and 42 chainrings depending on where I am riding. I have three wheelsets set up. a 700c 40mm “fast gravel” set, a 650b 47mm setup for rougher/slower gravel and a 700c 32mm road set. With the 32mm tires it feels and handles like an endurance road bike. A little heavier and more compliant than my road bike but on bad pavement it is very comfortable.


I would add a Cervelo Aspero to your list as a bike to look at.

This is going to be my Gravel/Road and light MTB (Mainly for gravel racing).

The geometry is race oriented and the flip chip although gimmicky gives you the ability to dial in how the bike feels. It shares very very very similar geometry to a Tarmac SL6 which my aspero is replacing.


Ibis Hakka MX