Notes from a cold garage - reflections on structured training from a non-structured individual

That’s great thanks – and has opened up a whole new layer of TR that I didn’t know existed!

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I think it’s going to be challenging to assess the outcomes of any plan if you make so many changes. I totally get why you do make them, but you really need to stick to a plan (any plan, not just TR) for a few months to gauge its efficacy.

If you’re only adhering to 70% of the plan roughly that won’t tell you if structure is really working for you to meet your goals.

Could be that sweet spot base has too many structured workouts for your life and the polarized base plans would work better? 2 necessary workouts a week to hit and then you can do the other endurance workout outside and add more endurance outdoors as you like. That way you really only need to be beholden to those two workouts to increase your compliance.

Honestly the best plan is the one you can stick to short and long term.

I also just rode for about 15 years (had some breaks when my kids were really young) but doing structure for a year has definitely changed my fitness. I really only ride hard outside once in a while with a group and do my harder riding indoors. The method of not just going out and riding hard so you “feel” like you did something and having goals for each ride will make a difference. No matter the plan.

Good luck with your goals and give yourself time. I started last winter at 275 and only made it to 300 watts (at 75kg) with about 8 months of sticking to a plan religiously. That meant riding the trainer on mornings it was nice out and skipping rides with my friends who only hammer to do some 2 for 4 hours solo. I liked the structure of each ride having a “plan” and purpose. I also tested and confirmed via long form testing and working on TTE not just trusting ramp or AiFTP. Those will get you an idea of your FTP but in my opinion they need to be verified.

Good luck


Thanks very much – there’s a lot here that resonates with me. I am attracted to the somewhat monastic approach to training which eschews anything unproductive but am aware that it can be as poor for my mental health as it is good for fitness.

Likewise your note on adherence and volume chimes with how i’ve thought about training. It comes up in the podcast plenty too – that lower volume is better when you are not hitting workouts or are changing things too much. This is not a criticism of TR whatsoever but I think the low - mid - high badging really encourages more thought given to capacity/load handling more than freedoms and consistency. I’m going to monitor the next few weeks and likely see through this next block of MVSSB as I figure I can make some mistakes here (more than i’d be able to get away with in build phase at least). If i’m still regularly changing things, it’ll be on to LV.