New England and New York Events

This started in another thread earlier this summer, but I wanted to resurrect it.

I started keeping a list of potential events for next year in New England and New York. All 1-day driving distance. This is where I’m at for now. Combination of Road, Gravel, MTB here.

(I’ll try to keep this edited to add suggestions and details from other posters in this thread, comments on events are not necessarily mine)

  • Vermont 50 (VT - MTB) - September 24, 2023
    Ascutney Outdoors, West Windsor, VT

  • Circus Ride (VT - MTB) - October, 8 2023
    Circus Ride Online Registration
    I’m also running an event called the circus ride, much smaller, REAL hardcore 90’s MTB course. Chunky Chunky, small event limited to 250. Harder than the 40 Miles 6000’ suggest. I’m not saying everyone should come to my event, but there’s lots of great small ones out there.

  • Markagram (VT) - October 14-15, 2023
    Markagram 2023 / Vermont edition
    The Worlds Most Sinister Gravel Adventure /// Self Supported From Sunset To Sunrise /// 150 Miles /// 15 000 feet of climbing /// 5 Checkpoints /// 13 Hour Limit

BikeReg Gravel Grinders:

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** Great Trail Systems and Routes **

Northern Rail Trail - Not an event but a great training route in New Hampshire. Nearly 60 miles end to end. (BCM: Perfect for steady outdoor workouts / intervals where you want to go long)

Green Woodlands

Kingdom Trails


From the original thread:

Tagging in some of the people who participated in the last thread: @FrankTuna @The_Conductor @FergusYL @rkoswald @Jeff_Soderman @mountainrunner

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Not an event but a great training route in New Hampshire - Northern Rail Trail. Nearly 60 miles end to end.

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That’s pretty comprehensive for Vermont gravel. The only one I would add now would be Grateful Gravel out of Waitsfield in late July. This year was the first year. It’s Dead-themed so the start/finish is nicely chill, but the long course itself is pretty heavy duty (63 miles, 8300 ft. of climbing).

Also hoping Rooted Vermont out of Richmond comes back next year.


I wonder if Rooted will come back? I think Grateful Gravel was about the same time this year as Rooted was last year.

Rooted in 2022 was awesome. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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Vermont 50 (mtb,

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Markagram Vermont looks like a good challenge

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These are on fondos rather than races, but fun events for sure!!

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