Normal for SP02 to drop during workout?

Wife bought me a Garmin Vivoactive 4 for christmas. It tracks SPO2 through out the day…normally I am in the mid 90’s but noticed today during Baird +6 that it dropped into the mid to high 80’s. Is this normal? The heart rate is way off compared to my Rhythm 24 strap…I was in the 170’s and the garmin was reading 115, so I wonder how accurate the SP02 is during vigorous exercise.

Not trustworthy. Ignore it.

Well it rebounded quickly, within 20 minutes it was back in the mid 90’s.

I’m not familiar with the device you are referring to, but I am a 25 year paramedic, and I’d say from my experience that there are many variables that effect the accuracy of pulse oximetry (SPO2), even on the units we use at work ($25k dollar devices)… skin temperature, hydration, heart rate, arterial flow at the point being measured, etc.

I’d have to echo the sentiment that the information cannot be trusted when working vigorously. Unless, or course, the drop in percentage was accompanied by shortness of breath, chest pain, diaphoresis (sweating from a physiological issue), etc… ???

No…nothing like that. Was just curious if the level does drop when your body is processing that much oxygen and using it as fuel.

SPO2 is a measurement of the amount of oxygen bound to a red blood cell (as a %)… it is representative of pulmonary function in this context. I believe if you sats dropped into the upper 80s while working hard you’d notice it. Ride on!