Heart Rate Dip after a Workout

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I wear a Garmin Vivioactive HR+ smartwatch which has a heart rate monitor. It responds slowly to HR changes so I don’t always take it at its word when I’m training (for that I use a polar chest strap) but I trust it for longer term monitoring.

I have noticed after a workout as I’m working on cleaning up and recovery my HR bottoms about at about 60% of my usual resting heart rate. The dip is short-lived and occurs only once/session and I don’t feel it. This is an observation I see on nearly all workouts so I believe it to be a real reading and not an artifact from my smartwatch. If you have a similar setup, do you too see a similar bottom out of your HR?

Workout of today (closing out week IV of Sweet Spot Base Mid-volume) was Eclipse a sweet spot workout with a 3x20 work session and the usual warmup, rest intervals and an extended cooldown.

could you wear the Polar strap for a while longer? [use Polar Beat to turn it on/off rather than link it to anything associated to bikes/training]
That should allow you to rule in/out the watch.

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What’s your usual resting heart rate and what is it dipping to?

My resting heart rate is around 48, I’m pretty sure I’d pass out if it dropped to 29.

I use a garmin fr935 and have never seen such a dip. I usually use a tickr strap now, but for a long time used just the optical heart rate on my garmin. Never seen such a low drop, if anything the optical heart rate monitor tends to pick up cadence if it’s not effectively reading heart rate.

Doing that right now, I will take it into work and see what happens.

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My RHR is about 52 bpm and I the lows I see are typically 31-36 bpm. As I said it is not something I physically feel in any way shape or form. I’m going to keep my chest strap on longer to see what it reads. Geiger +1 was the WOTD.

You could check manually if that measurement is real or not.

OK. I asked to see if perhaps you were overestimating your rhr. I was thinking that my typical heart rate walking around is probably that much higher than resting, maybe high 60s. Agree with the person above who suggested manually checking it. Something like 31 should feel really obviously slow to the touch, nearly two seconds per beat.

When I wake in the morning the lowest average HR I see is in the low 50s and that is what I base my RHR on. Not what is while I am carrying on over the day (though the Garmin result does not move far away from the overnight average).

Manually checking is not something I could really do. I usually make the observation after the fact while perusing my HR data. As I also noted in the thread, I don’t detect any physical symptoms such as light-headedness or weakness or any such thing.

I observed this today and I believe I captured it with my chest strap too. I’ll have to download the data and see if that dip is in that data set too.


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Tough to do, as I’m not watching it minute by minute. It is an after the fact observation. Workout ends at 10:00, dip occurs at 10:07, and I see it at 10:42.

I captured a dip today with my chest strap on, we’ll see what Polar says.

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