Nordic Roller Skating / Skiking


Does anybody here do Nordic Skating on Rollerskates or maybe even “Skiking”. Seems to be a nice addition to cycling and a all-body-workout for balancing our endurance training.

I like crosscountry skiing in winter but due to more and more years without snow this might be quite cool… any experiences?

I haven’t tried it, but I live in Norway, and bike paths are full of people on roller skis in the summer. I’m not aware of it being a standalone “sport”; it’s warm-weather ski training. (I’ve never seen “skiking”.)

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I picked up a pair of nordic ice skate blades, I’ve been learning to use them like speed skates. It was a bit of an adjustment coming from using hockey skates occasionally but I’ve started to get the hang of it. I did 30km of laps on a local pond and I needed a few rest days after that… I definitely like skating a lot, haven’t even gone out on skis this year despite great snow conditions here.


You want big wheel inlines, more like speed skating than nordic skating.
I’ve been tempted but too scared, speeds almost like cycling and no brakes… I’ll stick to the bike when there’s no ice. :slight_smile:

Sure is different! Check out speed skating technique-tips. Plenty of it on YT.
Here’s a few short clips from a 106 km tour 2 years ago. I’m in the bright green pants.

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Yes, did Townsend workout as a skate rollerski yesterday. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was nice to enjoy the evening training without riding, which I just didn’t feel like doing, and it washed to be outside.

Related, I’ve had one winter of using TR for my nordic training which included a mix of trainer use, cycling, rollerski and skierg. It was really successful from my perspective and I’ll do it again this coming winter. A challenge I have is that I live 4hours from snow and so I have to cross train and use rollerskis.


That looks glorious. We get so much snow that I’ve only been able to skate on a shovelled pond that is a decent 500m track, but I did manage to get out on that pond just as it started to freeze and had about 50mm of ice, it was pretty nice then. I hope to get farther north next winter where it’s a bit drier and colder in early winter to get some good skates in.

You have my attention! In my second season of biathlon; used to be a serious nordic racer but that was as many years as pounds ago :thinking: Besides being out of skiing shape, having been a classic technique guy whose skating still sucks and not being a very good marksman, I had a total knee replacement in Sept which makes it interesting to get into and out of prone shooting position

Tell me more about how you’re using TR for the non-bike stuff – PE, HR? I default to HR for skiing etc since there’s no power equivalent… (Well, technically Garmin has a power data field for nordic skiing [Garmin Quietly Rolls Out Cross Country Skiing Power | DC Rainmaker] but I’m skeptical and don’t have current enough hardware for it).

Curious too about how you decide which workouts for skiing, skierg, bike, etc.

Our biathlon head coach (a few years younger than me at 62) who is a solid cyclist has gone big time into speed skating both on dryland and ice. He lives on a small lake and cleared a 300mm oval and added lights/sound system. He’s the Pied Piper of the neighborhood with kids flocking to the track like crazy :grin:

XC skiing is such a great sport!