Tacx Neo 2T cassette/chain noise

Hi all,

I have just received my long awaited Tacx Neo 2T and after installation of a new 11-speed Shimano cassette, I’ve put my Giant Propel on it and unfortunately noticed an ugly noise (some grinding, some clicking and clacking) that happens across quite a few of the gears. Shifting seems to be more or less fine and adjusting the tension doesn’t improve it much.

I’ve researched a bit and seems like it could be a similar issue to this: New Kickr Core, super noisy drive train, grinding feeling?

In short, it could be the fact that the cassette is new, but the chain is not.

I will check tomorrow if it is resolved by using the old cassette, but my question is: This can’t be a sustainable solution if you have only 1 bike that you use outdoors too. Changing the cassette every time doesn’t seem to be very practical.

  • Would the grinding noise eventually go away if I just kept the new cassette on it, or would it just ruin my chain?
  • I assume new chain and new cassette would resolve this, but then you’d need new chain rings in the front too?

Not a very experienced cyclist here, so hoping to tap on collective wisdom…


It is possible the chain alignment is off requiring a slight barrel adjustment on the rear derailleur. Or trim adjustment with di2. Shift the rear to the middle of the cassette and confirm the jockey wheels are in the same plane as the cassette. If not, adjust accordingly.

If it still makes noise, you could try swapping cassettes from the Propel and see if that helps. Also, you can check for chain wear with a 12" ruler. Should be easy to do while on the trainer. Measuring from pin c/l to pin c/l, a new chain will land on a pin c/l at 12". A 1/16 over is acceptable but near the limit and an 1/8" is definitely time to replace.

No expert here, but I’d not wait for a grinding noise to just “go away”. I’m on the same Tacx set up and Shimano 11 and move different bikes on that all have chains of different levels of “break in” but all still within norms. None of them grind. I’d be careful to sort out the grinding before damage is caused, IMHO.

Just installed my new Shimano rear cassette 11/28 on the Neo 2T and have the same issue that you describe. No issue with gearchange, reverse peddle action is smooth and chain look aligned. But when any forward pressure is applied to Peldals the creaking starts.

Would you by any chance have resolved your issue that you could share? Thanks,

Paul McBride

Have u fix the problem if yes how?

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Hey Paul,

I “think” it’s solved. The grinding noise improved after I played further around with the barrel adjuster. Visually, I couldn’t tell it was any off, but I really went by “grind noise level” and went to look for improvement.

I think though that I also just had accepted a certain base level as the tweaking didn’t yield any better results. It eventually went away after a few rides.

Hope this helps!


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this. happened to me with my new 2T. lots of clicking noise. I adjusted it and it is very smooth now. I even have a second hand cassette installed.