No sales tax on Kickr Core

Can I order the Core with free shipping and no sales tax in GA?

Hey Glen, I’m not sure who you meant to ask about this. I definitely will be the first to admit I don’t know, so I’d reach out to Wahoo’s sales/support staff with this question.

Generally, if you by a product in a state with a sales tax, you pay that sales tax.

This has not always been the case when people by online and get delivery via mail. There was legislation that changed this recently, and online retailers are bound to collect these taxes now and pay them to the state, when a product is bought in a state with a sales tax. It’s all quite messy and I may well have some details incorrect.

In this case, I assume the OP is asking if he will be paying sales tax on the trainer, even if he orders online?

I buy many things without paying sales tax. Here are Georgia’s rules as I understand them:

  1. If a company that is selling on-line has a GA outlet or store, you pay sales tax on-line.
  2. If a company has $10,000,000 in annual sales, GA requires them to charge sales tax(I do not think that is really constitutional however).
  3. If the on-line seller is from GA, you pay sales tax.
    GA is on a TEAR to eliminate income and property tax by charging high rates of sales tax.

REI is out, they have at least one store in GA. I think I heard Wahoo is based in GA, that is out.

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Never mind. Of all places to order from, I tried Zwift. and BINGO, no sales tax with free shipping.
Or, at least that is what it told me at checkout…hope I did not make a $72 mistake :wink:

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