No rim tape with Shimano GRX wheels?

Hi all,

just got the new Shimano GRX WH-RX570 wheels. I will use them with tubes for now, not ready for tubeless just yet.
In the manual Shimano writes clearly that no rim tape should be used. I am confused by this looking at the rim.

Am I misunderstanding something?!



The tape you’ve got there looks very much like tubeless tape to me. I’d leave it on even if you don’t plan on going tubeless because you’ll need that tape to stop the spoke holes puncturing your innertube

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Common sense dictates the manual is wrong here unless there are different GRX wheels?

Like above, I have similar looking tape on a set of my wheels I run tubeless, at least 2 layers

Good to hear I am not the only one confused. If you look at the manual its mentioned all over the place…

The tape is wrapping tape, not tubeless tape. The japanese just put that one very cleanly.

Are you sure about the tape? I’ve never seen rims packaged like that before

Hmm…or is it the other way around, its rim tape they put it on sloppy? Because some parts are cleanly put, but the ends were not clean and this would not be they way I know Shimano. Both were the wheels the same.
The tape has also a plastic structure, like packaging tape not really stretchy.

Well…I probably just rip that off and put some new one on. Whatever it may was…

I’m going to go with a poor translation or incomplete instructions. I would take that to mean that “regular” rim tape should not be used for tubeless installation.

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Pretty sure it will be tubeless tape, I’ve seen the same coloured stuff used on giant wheels. But if you’re not happy with it then yeah, replace with something better. Gorilla tape is supposedly a good value option, ENVEs are shipped with it