No longer able to afford TR

I don’t Zwift but could one just keep their profile open/on/alive once they started the second ride as you describe?
As in do your second ride, don’t end it, and ride it again the next day? Rinse and repeat for the month? Start a new 25km allotment when the month rolls around.

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No idea if could keep it open multiple days

It appears you can keep Zwift open multiple days, but you would only be able to do one event / course, would make getting those long route badges a lot easier

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Just a reminder, we wouldn’t want it to appear that praising TD wasn’t allowed, but bashing/hacking Zwift free trial was

I am probably slow & irritated this morning due to late coffee and a double needle stick for my annual blood draw… but I am totally missing whatever your point is here.

This topic already strayed far from the original economic discussion, even after my attempt to keep it on track and direct non-TR app discussion to other topics. If this is the direction you all want to take the topic, have at it.

ETA: Upon multiple re-reads, if you are insinuating that I somehow tried to stop or curtail TrainerDay discussion, you are dead wrong. I politely requested that discussion of TrainerDay or any other apps be moved into a more separate topic (ex: a different thread on this forum).

I was attempting redirect discussion towards the original topic here (economic related), as we try to do per Nate’s Keep it Tidy” guideline. TR and I are totally open to discussion of other training platforms and all that surround them. There are numerous examples out there and some I even spend time covering (Zwift & in particular), and all are welcome.

It’s just nice if people keep them in appropriate topics as mentioned. I am not playing favorites here in any way, period.


@mcneese.chad trying to keep the TR forum threads on topic



I let my $99 renewal lapse today, because I’m not using it as much (used TR more when I lived in Utah and had snow outside in winter), and my $99 is going to be spent on a pair of cross tires today instead.

I maintain that if you’re really training hard, then TR is a bargain. But if you’re not training hard or often, then it’s not worth it compared to either Zwift being more fun or some outdoor riding like I’ll do with CX tires.

Glad the forum and podcast are free.

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Sorry, if I insulted, I wasn’t intending to imply anything of you. My intent was just to quote you’re earlier post, not to imply anything on you

Again, sorry, no slight was intended

I seem to be in a fight anybody mode today, something to do with 20% of my companies workforce being made redundant I expect, sorry to anybody I have insulted / offended in this thread


Thanks for the apology. Stress is shitty and gets the better of us all somedays.

Hoping for better times ahead for all of us. :+1:


I just caught this article about the US Dollar relative to other currencies and the related impacts (good/bad) for a range of people:

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Its certainly killing me.

Its a double edged sword. I can see that TR have fostered a loyal community and subscription base from keeping earlier subscribers on the same rates.

The flip side is that for newer users, the reward for future loyalty is to be frozen on a subscription rate that is already more expensive than most other apps. It has a bit of a cliquey feel, you are an either an early adopter thats in all year round or someone on a full rate who (I suspect) are largely seasonal users as there is little apparent loyalty benefit to be garnered going forwards.

I cant really think of any other business or service I use that provides loyalty with a 50% discount, to me thats massive, I mean I spend a fortune at Wiggle and they give me 12%…

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The team behind JOIN Cycling How JOIN Works - JOIN Cycling has some pedigree, experience, and amateur/elite coaching experience. You can look at the events page for their training approach for different type of target events.

How common is legacy pricing? I can’t think of a single subscription I have that has it other than TR.

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That website looks super similar to Pillar and Breakaway as well.

There must be a particular font and layout in vogue at the moment :sweat_smile:.

Is Join any good? I gather it’s a plan creator but not you push workouts elsewhere?

I’d give it a try but have a coach right now. Looks good to me, I agree with their approach for example read the “How much should you train…” section of the La Marmotte event La Marmotte Granfondo Alpes - JOIN Cycling

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Swedish krona used to be like:
$1 = 9 sek now its all time high at 11,40sek

It’s interesting, as my take on it up to reading this article was that was that Zwift was more likely to keep users as the users in the UK would be less affected by the price change (as Zwift already charges in GBP)

I Didn’t take into account that what the user is paying is worth less, doesn’t seem like there are many winners out there

Yup, I had the general thought and even looked up some charts on the history of the USD yesterday. But I skipped posting them at that time. With my manufacturing job & the fact that we sell in the US as well as internationally, we see this ebb and flow every time changes happen. This article hit the point I wanted to cover and did far better than I ever could, so it was a perfect share in this context.

The USD was weak for a looong time, which helped people outside the US to a large degree. They effectively got items and services “at a discount” compared to those of us getting the same stuff here in the US. As the pendulum has swung the other direction, this has flipped the story as seen above.

I have no econ expertise, and just seat of the pants knowledge from work and some mild reading. It’s far more complex and reaches further than most of us ever realize. What hits our pocket books is real and likely matters most, but it’s beneficial to see that the story is far more nuanced than a simple give/take.


Only other note is that, that discount is available to all users (that spend enough with Wiggle), as far as I can tell, there is no discount for length of subscription, and I expect that if I pay $189 for the next 55. years, I will have paid as much as a $99 does in 10, so in 11 yearsI will have paid twice as much as a $99 user pays in 20, I won’t get any more discount, somebody who joins after me, but before the next price rise, will have the same discount

Seems fair