No longer able to afford TR

I’ve done various levels of the TR polarized plans, but certainly not with 100% compliance.

The recent blocks I’ve been doing I have added additional Z2 time as well as a sweet spot workout after everything else is completed on Sunday, if I have the energy left (about 50% of the time). Below is a picture of last week, which is fairly typical for what I’ve been doing

In general, and this is not specific for the TR polarized plans, I respond much better to only two, and sometimes three, days of intensity a week. As such - the thing I like most about the TR polarized plans is that I am always looking forward to my next hard workout. I wake up with energy on those days and have not had issues completing them.

Is this strictly polarized? Absolutely not. Am I complying with the TR plans? Absolutely not. Are they closer to what I respond to as an athlete than the other TR plans? Absolutely.

Hard to say whether its the plans that are more effective, or if its simply the lower frequency of intensity and that just about any plan with this overall structure would better suit me.


Thanks for sharing!

Is that 16.5 hrs on the trainer?? :exploding_head: :skull_and_crossbones:

I think I would probably respond well to that as well to be fair, as I respond well to volume, but even for me (who spends more time on the turbo than almost anyone I know IRL) that’s absolutely loads.

Looks fairly close to Traditional Base to me, but with a few VO2 intervals thrown in? Certainly in concept.


The baseline for the week was Polarized Base (6 week) mid volume. That gave me:

Tuesday Costilla (VO2)
Wednesday Sandy Bay (Endurance)
Thursday off (added Fletcher)
Friday Balaitus (threshold)
Saturday off (added Gigante)
Sunday Polar Bear -3 (endurance) to which I added Eclipse -2

Obviously based on the screen caps I also added a decent amount of endurance to most of the workouts

ETA: I workout in the morning - so the time I add is based on when I get up and how much time I have before my non-workout based day starts. Typical start time for these is around 4:50-5:10 AM. If I was working out after work, or later in the day, I’d be swapping to longer alternates rather than adding time - but this works well for me with a variable wake time (never set an alarm) and different work schedule each morning


Wow. What a huge week. “It was an off day, so I added 3 hours on the trainer” is not in my vocabulary. :muscle: