Nipguard alternatives

Having problems with my bib straps rubbing my nipples raw. I’ve tried several different bib brands, all causing the same problem. I’ve been using nip guards but at times they come off mid-ride. Any other options besides nipguards?

Is it practical for you to wear a base layer? I always put the bib straps above my base layer (including summer base layers that almost aren’t there at all).

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I have never used the base layer in the summer due to the fact I’m a heavy sweater and always figured it would make me even hotter… What brand do you suggest?

I’ve used plain old bandaids when I used to run more (don’t have a problem on the bike). The cloth-like ones are better than the plastic ones and they would never come off, even during a marathon

I saw the thread title and thought, “funny name for a workout”.

4 Likes Here’s an example of one type I use. I also have another even lighter weight mesh layer but I cant remember off hand what brand that is.

I use a craft hot weather base layer… even on the trainer for this very reason :slight_smile:

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+1 for craft base layer. Always wear one. Alone on trainer and under jersey outside.


Grow larger pecs. That way the straps go on the outside, towards the arm pits. Or use surgical/sports tape.

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And another vote for Craft. I run hot and these help me wick away sweat without overheating under a summer jersey. I just wear the base later when I’m on the trainer insider.

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I will order a base layer and use band aids in the meantime. Thanks for the help.

I have chafing issues running - a short length of surgical tape on each nipple does the job. It should work in your case too. Cheaper and holds a ton better than bandaids, because it stick directly to the sensitive skin.

Sports bra, never had an issue :laughing:


Base layer and or chamois cream on the nips. You got to stay ahead of it so don’t give up on a solution if it doesn’t work the first time.


Try some 3M micropore surgical tape. It won’t stick to wet skin, but once it’s adhered it won’t sweat loose. I gave some strips to a guy at a CX race a month ago complaining about his nips and it worked perfectly.

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Have never had this issue biking but for long runs I always wear a lightweight compression shirt as a base layer (like an UnderArmour heat gear shirt, but there are also cheaper alternatives). Works great and isn’t hot.

This. ^^ Super simple. Too many expensive/awkward approaches when a roll of micropore lasts forever. Even stays on through swim-bike-run. Only downside is it can smart a bit pulling it off. I also fold over a bit at the end so I have something to grab hold of.