Newbie advice - what powermeter for outdoor rides if you train indoors with a Wahoo Kickr?

You can’t go wrong with either. I use a left side only 4iiii that is great also.

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I like Assiomas because you can easily transfer them from one bike to another. I have the duos, but would probably by the uno if I was doing it again. At my level (just below 4w/kg), I don’t need the extra data that the duo gives me, in all honesty.

I just ordered Assioma Duos, because I was afraid they would run out of stock when spring comes. Maybe uno would have been enough, but i feel (i´m not sure) that i have leg imbalance so I decided to spent more money for duos.

There is still at least month before outdoor riding is possible (winter is so long but thank god there are TR and kickr core :D)

That`s exactly what I ended up getting :slight_smile:

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not saying its the right choice but removing a crank arm with the pedal attached is quicker than moving two pedals?

You read my mind! I use a 4iiii Shimano left arm PM and use it across three bikes*, each with the same pedal system. I reckon it takes about the same time as changing a pedal across.

  • Two of the bikes currently have only one crankset between them. If this is your thing, you could save the cost of a crankset by sharing one between two bikes. It adds maybe 10 seconds to the swap-over time, taking the drive-side out as well as the non-drive-side crank arm.

The other thing about power meter pedals that made me decide on the 4iiii type, is that pedals (in the UK, generally the left one, which is kerbside and is most commonly the most clipped/unclipped one) wear out from the in and out action of the cleat. A crank arm doesn’t really wear, in reality, as long as you keep the pinch bolts nice and tight - I never use a torque wrench, just use the “white knuckle” gauge!

but that requires a crankset that is interchangeable. My groupset doesn’t matter if all I’m doing is swapping pedals.

True. My system is deeply flawed if you don’t have the same crank systems!

Yes, agreed. I guess my first reaction was to assume people’s setups were the same across bikes.
I have actually ditched power for outside and just enjoying riding on feel, so far I am not missing it, I still use my KICKR for indoors.