New Zwift Referral Program

Referral Basics: Zwift calls it “Give a month, get a month.

  • The big idea is, if you refer a friend and they sign up through your referral link, they’ll get a full month of free Zwift (instead of the standard 14-day trial).

  • Then once they sign up and become a paying customer, you get a free month of Zwift!


Great timing….I got my daughter signed up last Saturday. :confounded::confounded::confounded:


LOL, same here. My wife got her uncle to ride earlier this month too, DOH!


Same here, my mate signed up last week after his 14 free kms or whatever it was…

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I’ve noticed recently they’ve made it impossible to sign up with or restore Apple’s in-app purchases, and now they have this as further incentive to not use IAP. They’re clearly done paying Apple 30% of their subscription price.


I should have gotten that! Zwift cancelled my membership today because during their maintenance, they couldn’t charge my CC and it automatically booted me. I had to “reactivate” my membership so in a sense I referred myself.

Good timing as DST is about to start in the USA and I dropped my ZWIFT membership until standard time kicks in again in November.
Just going to be TR for structured stuff and out doors for those wonderful days where my assignment is to ride into the wind on the bumpy AF SF Bay Levees, in prep for Unbound. (it actually works REALLY well.)