New Year Resolution

My New Year’s resolution is not to talk about training zones to “civilians”

Happy New Year all.


Mine is to eat more, “civilians” don’t like that either :smiley:.

I think:

Eating -> Recovery -> Training -> More Consistency -> Higher TSS averages -> Higher FTP

I’m also trying to improve the quality of my sleep (I’ve got the quantity) but that’s something I just can’t “will” into existence.


Two centuries
350 hours in the saddle (trainer and outdoor)
Lose the belly and keep the lean mass for a net zero
Eat better and more well-rounded & ditch the sh$t


Do my core and strength exercises whenever my coach assigns them to me.
Do one “recovery” activity per day (stretch, foam roller, bath, normatec, etc)
Always pick vegetables as a side dish when available


whos your coach?

Mine is flexibility and core strength, two things that I’ve always skipped and I’m now regretting it.

I hope we all last last January! Seems like a dedicated bunch so I have high hopes.

Also I am sending everyone mental support for those who attend a public gym and have to deal with the January and February rush haha.

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Seems like a fine spot for my first post here …

Resolution is to finish my first ever Gran Fondo, already signed up, planning to do Axel Merckx’s in Penticton, BC.

Training wise, just do a lot more than last year which shouldn’t be difficult as I bombed hard halfway through the year, and focus on climbing training cos this prairie boy has never once climbed anything as long as what I’ll see in Penticton!

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  • Do core 3x week, at least
  • Stretch 3x week, at least
  • Be more consistent week over week with training. 2018 was filled with some big weeks, and then some poor weeks and my fitness shows the lack of consistency
  • Strength 2x week

I have but one simple resolution: Win.

Does that count? :man_shrugging:


I resolve to incorporate strength training into my schedule. I’m trying the HIT approach presented by Dr. Doug McGuff. The workout was recommended by my massage therapist so I’m going to give it a try.

Day 1: Workout completed!

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