New Wheelset......Industry 9?

I have been on the fence for quite some time on upgrading my wheelset, and recently narrowed it down to the Industry 9 ultralite 235 24 hole 29ers which I was able to get a smoking deal on. Reasonably lightweight with a max rider weight of 200lbs, which I fall way short of landing right at 150.

These will be my new XC race wheels matched with my current Ikons, does anyone else have any input on this wheelset?

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Sounds like you made the right choice. That’s a top notch wheelset for XC. Have fun!

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Industry 9 makes some great wheels. I have personally used the pillar carbons on my xc rig and about to get another wheel set for my cx rig. A friend has the ultra lites and loves them. They make awesome wheels and the customer service is top notch.
You will not be disappointed.

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What is a smoking deal? Like $500?

That is good to hear!! Hoping that they will be here before my next race on the 28th, apparently their new hubs are in big demand so they gave a 3 week delivery time.

Once they come in that will leave me with two more things to buy before June 1st , really wanting to upgrade to a set of EEWings and a new 2020 Fox SC 32.