New User... Recommendations for speed sensor

Ready to start a plan and looking for some advice on which speed sensor I should get. Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I will be using my CX bike (Giant TCX with road tires) and a Cycle Ops Fluid trainer.

I would say any speed sensor will be fine as long as your head unit supports the protocol of your sensor. ANT+ or Bluetooth. You can get dongles to make them work for TR or other software.

Garmin if you just want ant+. Wahoo blue sc is what I have and works great for bt and ant.

I’ve got a couple of Garmin units floating around. (The older ant+ type).
They’re a solid little unit. I can’t fault them.

The newer Garmin units do Bluetooth and ant+ I believe.

If you’re using IOS, get Bluetooth. IOS doesn’t natively support ANT so you’ll need 2 dongles.

I think most are both ANT and Bluetooth so you’ll be fine.

Wahoo Speed

In addition do I only need the speed sensor or do I also need the cadence sensor?

Both if you can afford it. But if you had to decide on one sensor, go with cadence as it’s best for training as it will condition you to pedal higher rpm’s.

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That is not appropriate in this case, because Speed is absolutely needed for the OP to have access to TR’s VirtualPower.

Cadence is secondary and should be skipped if price restricts to a single sensor.

The Bontrager combo is a great sensor that does both.

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You might also want to consider a trainer tire for a wheel-on trainer.

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