New UCI Rules Taking Effect - Ban on Inner Bar Ends

Saw this last night :thinking:. As a user of “inner bar ends” I am dumbfounded. I cannot see the logic here, as they are ergonomic, safe (can still operate brakes, lockouts, and shift gears), and absolutely prevent my hand from slipping over the bar which could happen from changing the position from a full wrap to over the top. If this was about safety and aggressive aero positions on MTB, you would think they would ban riders from holding the fork crown, or limit the positions.

Does anyone know what caused this? Traditional bar end location is still OK (but no controls access).

I’m picking it’s the same reason you’re not allowed open bars (i.e. no plugs) as they may pose a risk of puncturing a rider during a crash.

That’s wild guesticulation though.

I wouldn’t worry about it though. Unless you’re on the World Cup circuit the chances of it affecting you are slim.