New TruKinetix TrueTrainer

I seem to have missed this from earlier this summer.

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Silly expensive.


Indeed, caught my eye as well. Features may justify it, but I’m anxiously awaiting reviews to see all the details and feedback.

Does the price include extra FTP?

Thats eye watering price for a trainer. You can get a indoor bike for that…


self-powered is nice, the other stuff is nice too. But those prices. Hard pass.


Those virtual gears are amazing… the way she hits that shifter and the chain jumps to a different cog… just like real gears! :thinking:

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I’m watching the founder’s video:

and agree with his points about the smart bike (not the trainer). But given I mostly train outside, and prior experience with a Kickr direct-drive, I’m willing to bet on a $500 Zwift Hub trainer, my own bike, and Zwift in sim mode.

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I think the idea is that one could change the gearing options?
like you have cassette A, but you are virtually using cassette B that have different cogs?

I have no clue what virtual gearing is in this case.

Nice features but I’m out. If my Suito fails it’ll be getting replaced with a Zwift Hub.

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Not sure how I missed it, but I just linked the DCR article from the summer at the top.

The trainer works with an electric motor that provides the required pedal resistance which is updated every instant to simulate the situation that you are in. It can simulate the experience of riding on a flat or a slope and the gear that you are in is also just one of the inputs to simulate what the pedal resistance at that instance should be. So the virtual gear change is a software thing, e.g. it will instantly allow you to pedal at a higher cadence with the same power when you do a virtual shift to a lighter gear. I have their fixed TrueKinetix indoor bike, that works in the same way.

Sure, that’s on par with what we’ve seen from other smart bikes. The issue here is that this trainer will potentially need to include a “shifter” controller of some sort to allow for “virtual shifting”, since it’s not integrated controlls like their bike.

Good point. Looking at their description it seems that you need to change gears on the bike, but you can program the trainer to let it be any gear you want.


That’s what I read too.

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