New Trek Speed Concept 3.0 (2022)



with shimano mechanical 105 $6,000…

(Sorry had to do it)

looks sweet!

I read some of the reviews…
I am not that far off…
What a sweet machine tho…

Pleased to see they included a Red option…the color, not the group. :wink:

Looks pretty sweet…my only “issue” is if you are tied to the aero WB on the downtube. Could limit your options in long course tri’s.

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Yeah, I know it would take some work, but some sort of ‘quick fill’ valve on the bottle would seen beneficial. One-way valve that can be “fed” with a 2nd bottle (on the roll). A bit like some I have seen for front mount bottles. But it could be a challenge. Might be the place to use a “heavy mix” bottle that is supplemented with the BTA or seat mounted bottle for longer races.

hmmm… TT version only available as a frameset for $5k…Hard Pass!

As long as the aero cage mounts with traditional spacing so you can run a normal cage, it should be fine. I haven’t bothered to zoom in / investigate any further, though…

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Out of my price range and not interested in upgrading to disc brake wheels yet on the tri bike, so I welcome all the old models going up for sale at good prices :slight_smile:

It appears downtube has bosses for a normal cage in this photo:

Also possible the tool carrier has threaded bosses in the aero bottle carrier portion.

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Not cheap, but broadly I support manufacturer supporting fit and travel-ability. These are things that seem to tangibly affect the consumer experience. It’s also sort of the logical conclusion after all superbikes are basically incredibly aero.


I paid 6500 for my madone frame set 5 years ago and I still love that bike. I’ve gotten my moneys worth.
I like this bike too. Might have to start selling my 2 tri bikes and order this. Wonder what’s the turnaround time?


Guaranteed delivery by 2024. :woozy_face:


Would you want the full Trek spec for TT? No disc wheel, a maximum of 54/40 chainrings, slow Bontrager tires…
Only the colors are limited to one, which I understand is annoying for the customer. But TT bikes are really a Small market.
Specialized and canyon also only offer the TT version in Black…

The frame set doesn’t include the cockpit.

That’s an odd decision. You still need their parts, as this is non-proprietary.

The pricing is also pretty darn high. €13,100 in Europe.
The Shiv TT Disc goes for €12,000 - which includes 2 aero wheels (like the SpeedConcept) and a disc wheel, so basically >€2,000 of additional value.

Lastly, let me doubt the 16W faster at 42kph.
Disc rotors are slower aerodynamically, fact.
So the new frame makes up for that and then still goes 16 watts beyond that. 16 Watts aerodynamically is a lot. Going from two 50mm aero wheels to a 80mm and rear disc is often quoted as 8-12Watts at 45kph.
And that’s about the biggest gain you can make from gear.

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They said 16W on the current SC. But around 5 of those W is from decreased rolling resistance. Still 11W is a ton which can only lead me to believe that the previous SC was…total aerodynamic garbage??

The old bike is often quoted to be extremely fast…
A few tests I’ve seen were very impressive.

5W from rolling resistance… okay. Their tires are not the greatest performers, so there is quite some room for improvement still.

I doubt the speed gains as well. I feel that pretty much every bike is the same and speed gains can be had in other areas.

But if you love your bike, you ride it more, and you’ll be faster. That’s pretty much where the speed gains come from

I called a Trek dealer and they said 300 day turnaround time. I’m not sure how accurate that is when they give a 300 generic number.

I can confirm that is what the dealer sees for lead time. That is directly pulled from the dealer order site.

That is ludicrous. Why release a product now that isn’t available for another 300 days?


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For one, it seems centered around Project 1, which is essentially custom order and has mostly been 6 months or more for the orders I’ve seen over the last 3 years. So it’s not too crazy in general with the custom aspect in mind.

For another, it’s not terribly far off from the sad story we see around the industry that is still releasing new stuff, and some is not available for at lest 6 months from now.

Crappy times affecting all facets of cycling.

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