New trainer KICKR Core

Not new to TR but have a new Core. When looking at my first ride analysis Kern+1 in erg mode, I was suppressed how consistent or steady my power output was on the yellow line in the chart. Previously with my H1 Hammer, my power output line always had a little bit of frequency.
Rode the Core in the small ring.
Is the Core doing something different or does a lighter flywheel mean it’s harder to create minor fluctuations in power output?

The other thing I noticed was that giving the pedals a bit of a stomp it was harder to cause a temporary spike in power whereas the Hammer would easily allow you to apply a few extra watts before erg mode starts trying to balance it back to target power.

Kern+1 also felt easier than I expected. Have been riding a lot outside past few weeks on a different bike so maybe I’m stronger or perhaps my legs have detuned some of their indoor feel.

Also a newbie Core question. Do I need to regularly calibrate in the Wahoo app or is that only for the Wahoo training within the app. Is calibrating within TR sufficient?


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Check if you have ERG Mode Power Smoothing turned on in the app. If you do, turn it off.

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  • Yes, it is something different. You are seeing the default setting from Wahoo, with “Enable ERG Mode Power Smoothing”. The following video covers it in detail. I fully recommend turning that OFF.

You can recheck your “spike” test after turning off that dumb feature above. It will likely react a bit more like you expect.

  • Did you retest your FTP after getting the new trainer?

  • It is essential to redo FTP testing any time you chance you power measuring device, and even sometimes recommended when swapping trainers while keeping the same power. Things like power measurement will vary, and flywheel can also impact results.

  • You really need to retest because one power on a device may not match that from another.

  • Use either app that is easy for you, but keep it consistent.

  • Make sure to calibrate after the trainer is warmed up for around 10 minutes, an do it at least twice a month if you keep it in the same room and the temp/humidity are stable. Otherwise, you should calibrate more frequently.

The straight lines from erg mode power smoothing make me happy. Give me the blue pill Morpheus and put me back in the simulation. :grinning:

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Yeah, it’s interesting, but spoils the experience the moment you swap to just about any other device on the market. I’ve lost count of the times that people post here claiming their new power meter is busted from all the jagged lines. Without fail, we find they are a Wahoo user that never knew about the ERG smoothing. They blame the new device when the old one (Wahoo trainer) was the real problem.

I have considered the positive reasons that they offer and default it to ON, but I think it does more harm than good and should be outlawed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the responses. Erg smoothing off then next time I ride. Learnt something new today about this.

Good point about fitness retesting for new equipment. Seems obvious now you mention it. Have an easy week planned next week so will plan a test for after that and see what comes out.

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