New trainer en route - best practices?

Hey, I’ve been training on a wheel-on fluid trainer for years now, using a left crank based power meter for power sensing. I now have direct drive trainer on the way (Suito) and wondering general best practices for setup and using for training going forward. My assumption is that I should enable Powermatch and still use the crank as the primary power input, so that indoor/outdoor training can be consistent and comparable - but any other views? If I went to using only the Suito for indoor power, I know I would need to retest - but do others also record both at once to examine what the variances are? If so, how?

  • Yeah, PowerMatch for clean and consistent data inside and outside.
  • Even if you choose to use PowerMatch and your PM as the guide, I still recommend a new FTP test. The feel and ride of the new trainer will most likely differ enough from your current trainer that you could experience a different test result.

  • Things like trainer mode (Resistance vs ERG), gearing (High / Medium / Low), flywheel inertia (likely not the same as your current trainer) can all play into giving you slightly (or even largely?) different results when compared to your current trainer setup.

Many thanks Chad. Good thoughts on retesting anyways due to change in feel!

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