New smart trainer/power match/FTP

Having bought a new smart trainer, do I have to do a new FTP test or does the ‘power match’ feature mean I don’t have to do this? I happened to be at the scheduled ramp test date today and I made a good jump in fitness so I’d rather not if I don’t have to…
Thanks in advance

Do you use a separate power meter from the trainer? That’s what power match does - it uses the reported power from the meter and not the trainer. In that case you should be able to turn power match on and just proceed as normal. If you are using the power reported from the trainer then you will probably need to do a new test. You could also just keep going and adjust your workout up or down if it seems to easy or hard.

But if you already have a scheduled ramp test…Just do it.

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Thanks slipdog,
Yes I have been on a dodgy old Tacx that I picked up cheaply, and using the power metre on my bike. I did a scheduled Ramp test this morn and was going to do another with the new trainer tomorrow morning, but having read up a bit more I realized that it was looking like I didn’t have to. Phew…

While using PowerMatch will keep your power data consistent, there can be functional difference in FTP test results via the different feel and performance differences between trainers.

Swapping between trainers with notably different flywheel size, training modes (RES vs ERG) and even gearing can all lead to different results in FTP tests. It’s not a guarantee to be different, but depending on the level of change, you may well see a difference. Any major equipment change like this leads me to recommend a new test to be on the safe side.