New SRAM Eagle Transmission - 2023

ETA: GX level announced July 11, 2023. See linked post below for listings from various sites.


I would consider this announcement release as a “considerable” amount of updates and puts them yet again very far ahead of the competition.


Only thing I can say is that so far I prefer the look of the recently “old” groupset


So… how do you know if this will work on your bike frame?

I’ve not yet done a deep dive, but this may well be an “If you have to ask… it’s not for you” type of thing. I think it relies on the driveside dropout mount being the new UDH design, which means it’s not on many bikes of the past year or prior.


That is the genius and ingenuity part of this, they will only work with bikes that have SRAMs universal derailleur hanger and design.

Virtually what SRAM is doing is forcing or bringing in what they hope is the “next” standard and other component manufactures will have to catch up as frame manufactures will start making frames to accept this style derailleur.

What does this mean, SRAM basically has said sorry, but your non UDH frame cannot use our new innovation.

On the flip side, a UDH frame can still use the old style hanger system


Biggest news here is the Narrow Wide cassette - mostly even cogs! I’m interested to see how this compares to Shimano HG+, but this probably isn’t going be to a good solution for Gravel bikes which need tighter spacing on the small part of the cassette.

I don’t understand what this is. Is it an ebike groupset? Or just for downhill/enduro bikes? I’m confused.

This is honestly what impressed me the most. There’s a full GIF version of it on the site and you see the silver bit slam to a stop as the guy jams the stick in there but the outer cogs keep turning.


It’s a MTB groupset that’s been built with 2000w e-bikes in mind it looks like.

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I’m pretty anti-SRAM, but, I’m curious to try it.

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Any reason why? I have both Shimano and SRAM, and once on the road there’s very little difference between them. Brand loyalty in 2023 seems to be a foolish endeavour.


cost reduction… one drivetrain to rule them all (or something)

I’m not a SRAM brakes fan, but I really like the close to the bar “stealth” brakes. Nice change

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One thing I’m wondering about is that before, if you crashed or or your derailleur cage goes into the spokes somehow the RD hanger was basically an engineered failure point that protects the frame and often the RD. With this design, is there an engineered failure point, or will a hard enough hit just break the frame?


If you watch the various SRAM videos, the derailleur is kind of designed to get out of the way.

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I just want a jockey wheel that sheds mud. I like how they call it “Magic” instead of “slip fit” or “loosely attached”

Should have put their energy into a Front Derailleur that works.


For MTB???


Didn’t catch that it was a MTB only drivetrain.