Tri watches. Any updates on if Wahoo is actually releasing Rival?

I’ve been looking into getting a new watch (currently using an Apple Watch Series 2) and have found the rumors and documents for the Wahoo Rival but it looks like it might have been canned. Anybody found recent news/developments for it?

I have an Elemnt Bolt and love it so really wish that Wahoo would release a watch so that I could keep it all in one ecosystem. My dream would be for Wahoo to release a watch that could communicate with their head units the way Garmin does “extended display mode.”

If not, are there any triathletes out there that have used either Apple Watch Series 5 or Garmin 945?

I used my Apple Watch to train and race a few tris year including IM 70.3 Gulf Coast but it wasn’t that great. It got the job done but battery life sucked when training, touch screen didn’t always work if it got a drop of sweat on it, and the heart rate sensor would just get stuck while swimming and running. It’d record HR for a few minutes and then just get stuck at one HR for the rest of the workout.

I’m about to kick up my training again because I’ll be racing IM 70.3 Gulf Coast again and probably doing the relay at 70.3 Chattanooga the week after as well so wanting to get a new watch and start training with it. That is, if there’s no news for a possible Wahoo release in the future (but I’m not holding my breathe).

Lol sorry this reply is so late, but was just looking up if Wahoo had a watch wearable and came across this - unfortunately not :frowning:
As far as other watches - I have had a Garmin Vivoactive for the past 2 years, and it does great swim/bike/run tracking, but I do wish it had the multisport feature. When I upgrade I will probably go for the 745 or 945 - my previous teammates and coach wore these and had good experiences. Have not had good experience with Apple watches for multisport, it’s ok for running and that’s about it.
If $ is no object and you want something gorgeous and extra, go with the Fenix 6.

I have a Wahoo Kicker, Tickr, speed/cadence, and Elemnt Bolt… so whenever they drop a watch I would invest in that, no question.