2021 Specialized Diverge released

Looks rather tasty…



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I’m a sucker for red bikes, and man…this is just the perfect tone.


Looks great, but I think the super tall stack height will keep me from buying one.

Geometry sure is interesting. They took a very different direction compared to bikes like the Salsa Warbird.

The Diverge runs a long wheelbase and reach, but short rear center, and still relatively “steep” head tube angle with a short stem. From a few comments that lean towards “racy”, I think it’s not what I want for more tricky and loose conditions.

Nice to see the large tire clearance and keeping a round seat post. Always funny to see them ditch tech like the CG-R post, that they previously touted as such a great feature :stuck_out_tongue:

Not loving the 1x on the top end builds, but the Carbon Comp is a decent value for 2x and mechanical GRX.

I’ve also shied away from the Future Shock, from comments about heads sets coming loose. Supposed to be better now, but I still question the design, especially in this application (gravel vs the Roubaix on road).


I love the internal storage


Diverge EVO looks like a hoot

What, the hybrid with a different label? Lol


I get the joke, but the geometry and tire capacity place this is far closer to a rigid MTB than any hybrid would ever dream about. Function is more than skin deep, and these differences are notable.

I am intrigued by the bike a bit. Could be a more capable and fun commuter (with rack and fenders) than the other flat bar options (commuter, fitness and such) in the Spesh line. Really depends on what someone wants, but I see this as a jibber and play bike along the lines of a supermotard (supermoto) dirt bike for mixed dirt and street play.


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I quite like it.
I like the idea of some storage.
I like the idea of some suspension on the handlebars, and it being adjustable.
I like the flex on the saddle.

But then I see the price and give up.

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Multiple models and price points available.
None line up or or compare to like products / your budget?

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Comparing geo to my new Warbird, it’s almost like sizing down on the Diverge would be the “right” size for comparison (I typically ride 56). They seem to recommend the “same sizing” based on the frame size number. But some of the numbers seem interesting in the least. I’d have to pedal one around to get a feel for it.


Totally my fault. I see the bit saying ‘prices from…1100’ and then it takes me a while to realise that all the nice extras are bumping the price up to 6700.

(My fault for being a teacher I suppose is what my budget would say, if it could stop giggling. I ride a bike from 2012, no pm, an iPad 2 handles TR for me, I think my most recent purchase was a tyre for the trainer last year…reduced on sale :wink: Currently saving up for a Varia but I will need to update the 800 for that to work so it will be a bit more than just a Varia. I will make do for another year. maybe by then an aluminium bike with rim brakes and inner tubes will have gone up in trade in value…


I’ve always liked hybrids :man_shrugging:

As the father of a daughter about to go to college to become a teacher (of which I am VERY proud), your post depresses the hell out of me. :pleading_face:


What, teachers are under-paid (and under-appreciated)… the heck you say :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, thanks to any and all of you educators out there. You deserve much better :1st_place_medal:


And my oldest daughter just graduated with a degree in journalism…add them to the list of unappreciated / underpaid as well.

I sincerely hope my third daughter goes into finance or something 'cuz otherwise there is gonna be no one to take care of me in my old age!! :flushed: :crazy_face:


The stack is high, but the numbers are a tad misleading in the sense that they aren’t measured like most frames. The stack on a normal road frame is without a headset or spacers. The stack on this and the Roubaix include the future shock and spacer required. So if you use spacers already, it’s really not any different than a road frame with spacers under the stem. But along with that, you can’t slam the stem on this.

Edit: You also get some shock drop, which I’ve gathered to be around 5mm.

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oh, nothing wrong with them at all. I started my bike riding with a giant escape 3 back in 2013. Just didn’t get enough use once I got a road bike and then picked up my CX bike. In fact, I was almost going to convert the hybrid into a drop bar CX. My only thing with the hybrid is it was jack of all trades, master of none, which I get is really their purpose.

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