New Shoes - Massive Improvement

I tend not to upgrade things unless there’s a big jump in tech or some other features to make it worthwhile (my N+1 is broken :upside_down_face:). I’ve been using my old (very old) Spesh mountain bike shoes with my indoor trainer and realized they’ve seen better days and tossed them. I picked up a new pair of Sidi Drako 2 (on sale at Comp Cyclist) which I’ll use for indoor riding and outdoor mtn biking. Wowsers…I didn’t realize how worn the old ones were after riding these…like night day as far as pedal stroke, stiffness and massive efficiency improvements. Like upgrading your suspension on your car…I feel like I’m connected again and not pedaling through mash potatoes. :potato:
Upgrades your shoes if you haven’t done so in a while!


and then retest!

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HA! Yes I got some new shoes to replace my cough 13 year old Sidi Genius 5s… carbon soles and the ability to set the cleats back further makes me feel like I’ve gained some watts!!

Exactly! Um, my old shoes may have been over 20 yrs old. Ouch! What…they only had one hole (extra cooling), shredded velcro straps, and felt like wearing slippers…lol.

Funny as I started this upgraded path last year with a new helmet (S-works Evade), and then followed it up with a new Tarmac Pro SL6 disc w/ Di (was riding a 12 yr. old Cerelo). My road shoes are still in good shape (Sidi Genius also), but maybe next season, some with stiffer carbon soles may be in order.

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Man, I thought someone came out with a new shoe that would make me faster. So disappointed.

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Haha…my shoes turn the pedals themselves now, don’t yours? YMMV.

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They should as much as we spend on them! Lol!