New Shiv TT bars on Old Shiv TT

Simply put, does anybody have any experience replacing the base/aerobar set up on a older model shiv TT?

Ever since I bought my bike second hand it I have known the aero bars need to be replaced. Many of the bolts are rotted (previous owner used the bike on trainer without towels etc).

My LBS has said that this damage is superficial and I have raced the bike happily for the previous two years with no problem. However, the condition of the set up bugs me and I would like to replace it.

I have searched online and really struggled to find any options whatsoever. However, after comparing photos of new shiv to old, it looks like the new complete aero bar/base bar/ stem set up may be compatible with the older bike.

I realise this a extremely specific query, but if anybody has any input it would be greatly appreciated.