🎉🎉🎉 New Product Release! Updated Training Plans, Workout Levels, TrainNow Updates 🎉🎉🎉

If you really are fitter than that, this is where AT would bump you up more.

Instead, if you really think you need higher workout difficulties (you think the plan progression is at a lower level than you are) you can search on the website for workouts for the same energy system but higher workout difficulty.

Edit: It could be as simple as you needing to bump up your FTP


I just want to make sure that I understand something about the new plans and how they’ll look once everyone has AT.

So all the plans start out with the same workout levels when you start a plan in Plan Builder. This is regardless of your personal progression levels or whatever they’re called, right? Then adaptations are suggested based on your progression levels.

So I might end up with a plan which has “easier” threshold workouts than someone else because I suck at threshold. The goal of those being to work up to the standard plan workout.

Is that right?

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Won’t link to my videos because they’re in the AT thread but the version of SSB1 HV I did with adaptive training was easier than the old progression, from a tss and level standpoint. Ssb2 HV is aiming to be harder than ssb2, but the key is the progressions are gradual and in my brief experience sustainable


The starting levels for the plans were one of the main focal-points during this process. While each person had anecdote to share on what felt easy/appropriate/hard, we leveraged data to help us find the best start levels for a specific energy system and workout profile in each plan.

Regarding the VO2 Max 6.0 like Pierce feeling easy, there are a few key points here:

  1. Not every workout needs to feel brutal. Productive ≠ brutal, and that’s a tough connection to break.
  2. Training has a cumulative effect and what may seem too easy in week one can be a source of great gratitude at the end of week 3, hehe.
  3. AT will certainly adjust for you if you are particularly able at VO2 Max efforts.
  4. If it feels way too easy, you can always substitute a different workout in. Now that you have levels you have a much better guide in doing so.

Once everybody has AT, the only way you will see the same version of a given plan as another person is if you have identical Progression Levels (would be extremely rare).

If you have access to Adaptive Training, the plans will not start out at a static level. Your plan will adjust to your individual Progression Levels from Day 1 of your plan. So Week 1 of a plan will look different for each person as the plan is adapted to the individual.

This part is spot on. AT will adapt your plans to account for individual strengths and weaknesses across all energy systems.


That makes a lot of sense. Excited to start out with the new plans while I wait patiently for the Adaptive Training invitation.



Not for me lol!


Love the look of most of these new plans, hopefully they add value for people in the time before AT is fully available.

Based on how you described this release and TRs view of their Polarized plans on last week’s podcast I wasn’t optimistic that you’d be modifying the workouts in the Polarized plans, but I do wish you’d consider it.

Right now they are the only plans you have that don’t have 3 intense days per week and the progression in the later weeks isn’t going to be achievable for most people before AT is available for the plans (currently not available even for those in the AT beta)

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I’m getting an error when I try to update with the new plan. I’m assuming it’s because I’ve modified my plans with a few custom workouts and swapped out the Sunday workout for a long ride. Is that correct? Do I need to delete all of that for it to work?

The error I get is: “Something went wrong. There was an issue upgrading your plan.”

They are designed to deliver outside of the context of AT and will definitely do so! :slight_smile:

We have plans to constantly improve all of our plans with data-driven insights like this, including the Polarized Plans.

We designed the Polarized Plans just as we designed these updated plans, leveraging ML and AT to define appropriate progressions for each unique Workout Profile and Energy System.

The progressions in the Polarized Plans are roughly ~1.0 on the intensity days, which is intentionally tough but also within acceptable range per our data.

This doesn’t sound right. I’ll have our support team reach out to you.

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Quick question - should workout level be higher than 10? I understand that even if your level is 10 at something this is still brakethrough/stretch workout?

If you are a level 10 in an energy system then a level 10 would be achievable. It’s all relative to you and that will all make more sense when individual Progression Levels are released.

Also, some workouts go to 11! :scream:


Thank you for the answer. The record-breaker is good, old tabata with 15;). I have already some 11-14 on my list of interest.


That’s great to hear. The way the plans were discussed last week it sounded like they were baseline for AT and until AT got released they wouldn’t be changing. Glad I misunderstood!

Understood, although the current threshold progression goes from 6.3 to 8.1 in a single week. I’d love to see the data of how many people can finish Dutton one week and Shumard Peak the next. It’s a big step!

Further, just skimming the new plans (looked at three high volume build plans) - it looked like the average progression was closer to 0.5 than 1.0 - and I couldn’t find any week over week increases >=1.0 on hard days whereas the high volume polarized has four increases >=1.0

So it seems like you’ve dialed back the other plans to more achievable progressions, but not polarized. I’m really just picking nits here - this is a great release, I just wish you had enough data on the polarized plans to make the same type of adjustments


Thanks, no rush!

Any chance for hard start/fast start intervals in the new plans? Especially for vo2 workouts

Why doesn’t Disaster have any levels? I wanted to see a VO2max 11, threshold 11, endurance 11, ect all in one.

Edit: As an easter egg, it should just say “Hors Categorie” in place of the levels.


The Polarized Plans are considered in a unique context to the rest of the plans in that they only have 2 days of intensity during the week. So far the data is backing up these progressions as being appropriate, but we will continue to adjust them over time as we get more data.


Anybody know why Eichorn +2 at 5.5wl is easier than Galena at 5.8wl?

Eichorn +2 is 2x20mins at 94%, and Galena is 2x20mins at 90%, then 94%