New Mac app update...release notes

Today before doing Pettit I noticed an update for the Mac desktop app so I did the update. After the update there is usually a window showing what’s new in the update but it never came up with my update. Is there a link where I can see what the changes were?
Also after the update I had a lot of cadence drop outs. I run Vector 3 pedals and the power was pretty stable but for some reason the cadence was dropping out frequently.

At the end of the ride a window popped up saying “Oops, something went wrong” which I have never had before as well. Not sure if it’s a buggy release or a complete coincidence.

I noticed the same thing, the lack of release notes, and also came here to see if there was an official notes channel. Seems not!

Hi there!

Yesterday’s Mac and Windows production release only contained a small hotfix to the Workouts list; it is essentially the same as the previous release from early August, so no new release notes were shown if you had already seen them.

No additional changes were made to devices or the workout player that would cause the issues you describe.

When exactly did you run into this “Oops, something went wrong” page? Was it after selecting “Analyze Online”? This sounds like an error page on our website which can sometimes occur if your ride hasn’t synced down yet.

Please do let us know if you continue to run into these issues or if I can help you with anything else right now! :slight_smile:

And I am assuming it is a release prior to the new ios app refresh

Even while it may be a Mac or update related issue, I’d still recommend getting in touch with the support team if there are TrainerRoad issues that occur as a result. They’ll be able to look at your operating system, devices, and TrainerRoad version to figure out whats amiss! You can email them at, or submit a request online. They’ll sort you out!

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I got the message when I hit the “end ride” or “save ride” button. (Sorry can’t remember exactly what the button says). I didn’t click the analyze at all. At first I thought it didn’t save the ride but then I got an alert on my mac that it uploaded to Strava. I went online to trainerroad website and it was there as well. So it doesn’t seem like anything went wrong at all. Aside from a flaky cadence during the workout itself.

I’m in the middle of my recovery week so I will watch and see what happens with the next workouts and if the issue persists I will file a support ticket. In the meantime I deleted the TrainerRoad app from my mac and downloaded a fresh copy.

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Not a bad idea! The support team has some super good tips to clearing the app data that may help too. The steps vary based upon your OS and device, so if problems persist, definitely reach out to them!

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Today’s ride went much better with no dropouts :slightly_smiling_face:


yep had the same about an update with no release notes after restart, i see above this has been answered now… :slight_smile:

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