Road handlebar preferences?

Wore through the bar tape on my road bike so going to redo the housing and cables and while I’m at it was thinking it may be a good time to size down my handlebars (40cm currently). Would like to try a 36cm bar, feel like reducing the width and improving aero dynamics would be more impactful than whether its aero or carbon.

Anyone have preferences for road handlebars that are available in 36cm with a shorter reach (65-75mm)? I’m a pretty small guy (like XS kit) so feel I will probably get a long pretty well with a narrower width bar.

From searching around read an article from BR that suggested these Shop Race Attack GF Aero drop bar now | ROSE Bikes from searching around also saw these DRV/A | Profile Design – Profile Design LLC
Don’t see a lot of options available really, a lot of stuff is out of stock or not available in 36cm.

Before going for one of those just wanted to check to see if there weren’t some other options I should consider instead. Preferably something <$150, don’t think I will get the ROI from a fancy carbon bar.

This is probably not an option but I got a Controltech One in 360mm for my wife last year. My experience was that there aren’t many options around if you want a super narrow bar.

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36 is super narrow, I’d expect it could be quite a handful on descents. I run a 38 and it’s OK, but I live in rolling terrain, but it definitely feels twitchier than the 42’s it replaced. I think perhaps 40 would have been better (for me) as I think while the frontal profile is nice and narrow with 38, they encourage the elbows to flare.

Pro PLT, drop 120/ reach 75

PRO PLT Ergo Carbon, drop 120/ reach 68

Zipp Service Course SL-70, drop 128/ reach 70

Zipp Servise Course SL-80, drop 125/ reach 80


Have the SL 70s in 40 on my other bike but the Zipp distributor for Canada is sold out in 36. The specs say they have an outsweep, not sure if they have any flare to the drops. The PLT Ergo Carbon is interesting with the 4 degree flare to allow for more knee room and comfort in the drops, not sure on the price and availability though. Thinking they might be fairly expensive as a carbon bar.

I have the PRO PLT carbon in 36mm and love it. The drops flare out to ~38mm so you get a bit more leverage while sprinting. I have hoods slightly turned inwards to make hood position even more aero. It doesn’t have internal routing though, if you need that.

The Zipp SL-70 have a 4 degree flare in the drops, similar to the Pro PLT Carbon mentioned above.
PRO handlebar specs

The Enve Aero Road SES bars are quite narrow at the hoods, but flare out in the drops as well. I am currently riding the 44cm, which are only 39 at the hoods. Still getting used to the wider drop position, as I have been riding 39 bars for awhile, but the drops were in a more traditional position.

Overall, I really like the bars.

(Disclaimer - I am riding for the ENVE Racing team this year)

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I really like the specialized short reach bar in the 36cm version.
125mm drop and 65mm reach. Alloy.