New Garmin Epix Pro not tracking sleep

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had my Garmin Epix Pro for 3 nights now and it still won’t track sleep. HR sensor is on and working, and it tracks my HR while on the bike, but for the life of me it won’t track my sleep. I have a schedule set up in the watch as well. I’ve also turned the watch off and on.

What do I need to do to get this to track my sleep metrics?



You set your sleep time correctly.?
System –> sleep mode –> sleep plan

Do you have Battery Saver turned on during sleep? If so, it probably has the optical heart rate sensor turned off. You can go into the Battery Saver settings and change that.

Yup. Sleep schedule is in place.

Ah, yes battery saver was turned on. I just turned it off and so maybe that will do the trick.

Thank you.

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