New FTP adjusting and HR

Hello I am new to this forum so please forgive me If this is a duplicate.

I’ve just finished a 4 week sweet spot plan and had a recovery week before doing a ramp test for my new training plan for an upcoming sportive. Old FTP was 210 and ramp yesterday come out at 250, which I know is a sizeable increase probably put it down to being more familiar with the ramp test as the 210 was my first time.

Now when I’m doing Sweet spot work at this new FTP my heart rate is about 168-174 when at about 215w. My max heart according 220-Age is 195 but I’ve seen it at 198-200 when racing up some climbs with friends.

Any advice would be great.

220 - age is not an method for setting up zones. If you have seen 200 so your HR max is 200. 168-174 seem pretty spot on for the threshold.

In the first post there: My Polarized Training Experience (Chad McNeese & others)
is an incredibly useful ls from @mcneese.chad that will be helpful to you in the future.


Welcome to the forum. This topic has some existing discussion worthy of review. Here is what I found with the advanced search options:


And as mentioned, the 220-age is a poor way to start. You should ignore that and only use Max HR data or close estimates from your actual riding.

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Thanks for the reply I’ll maybe look at realigning my heart rate zones with the 200 that I’ve seen a few times and see how I’m feeling on the workouts. They don’t feel too hard to the point I can’t do anymore but they are challenging sort of feels like I’m about 85% through the efforts. I’ll take a look at these posts your shared thank you.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll have a look at my zones see if it makes a bit more sense at 200 max heart rate.