New frame and forks purchase conundrum

New frame and forks on the horizon…

Q: Titanium or Carbon (currently have a Venge)

A: type, make and reason…


You may want to include a fair bit more info like; your budget, any goals for the bike (aiming to get something different from your current bike?), rim or disc brake, and likely more to narrow it down. Not to mention where you plan to by since some brands may not be accessible in your area.

  • With the minimal info you provided, you could get suggestions ranging from race, endurance, all-road and maybe even gravel.

Fair… road only, UK located… everything else not a problem

What do you want from the bike? Do you work on it yourself? Maintainence? Do you want aggressive geometry? Tyre Clearance is an important consideration.

Metal bikes tend to be for enthusiasts that do their own maintenance and want to trash it about. Hence the popularity with non-propriatry parts, external cable routing, threaded BB. All the stuff that makes me warm and fuzzy inside. But if you don’t care about that stuff… carbon is better.

That being said, If you ride in the rain, a solid Ti winter bike with mudguards and durable tyres ensures your Venge is always clean and fresh (and fast).

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Tarmac SL6 or 7, carbon, 50-60mm deep section wheels, disc, Ultegra (DI2 if you can afford it).

I’m not convinced the aero benefits of the SL7 justify the costs over the SL6. I haven’t ridden DI2 before so, for me, I don’t know what I’m missing.

Still not a cheap setup but seems more reasonable than a top end bike but still quite capable. I’m still the limit, not this bike.

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I looove Specialised :call_me_hand:t2: