New bike order, feeling regretful

A few days ago I ordered a new road bike through my bike shop. I went with a 2020 orbea orca m20iLTD-D. this is basically a dream build for me. I opted to upgrade the ultegra crank to the FSA powerbox alloy crankset. this was roughly a $340 upgrade, I thought, no brainer! now that I placed the order I’m wondering if I should have went with the carbon powerbox, which is an additional $750 on top of the $340. I guess orbea got a great deal on the alloy version which would by why they are so cheap, and the big jump up in price to the carbon version. typically these to cranksets are around $500-$600 difference. the main reason I’m questioning myself is because there is a 200 grams weight savings if I would have went to the carbon version. so the question is… is $750 worth the 200 grams in weight savings? or forget about it and ride the alloy and maybe upgrade to a different powermeter down the road?


hmm these are always hard to answer … is a 200 gram weight savings really that important to you?

If yes - do it - if not, wear out the aluminum one and upgrade in the future

to me - no way - I am not mad at my wallet - I need to lose way more than 200 g off the body first


That’s a lot of money for 200 grams. Save the cash for kit, a new saddle, new bars, new wheels or something else. You can use $750 for a lot of more cost-effective upgrades imo.


The only way 200g is worth $750 is if you have more money than you need, or will ever need. If that’s the case you wouldn’t feel regretful, you’d just upgrade and not even consider the cost. So no, not worth it.


200 grams is worth about 1 watt on a 7% climb, nothing on the flats.

Just about every “aero” product is worth more than 1 watt.


Performance wise 200g is neither here nor there unless you’re racing on climbs and losing by handfuls of seconds. But then if it was all about performance bang for the buck we’d all be riding around on Specialized Allez Sprints or Cannondale Caads with 105 groupsets. So if you still have the option to get the upgrade for $750, can afford it and it’s worth it to you then go for it.

If not then forget about it and enjoy your awesome new bike!

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You would probably be faster loosing the weight and getting more power friendly upgrades (like tubeless and other upgrades).

If you have the money… go for it!


Not even close…my rule of thumb back in the day was $1 / gram. That was admittedly awhile ago, so factor in inflation I guess…but no way would I pay $750 to save 200g.

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I think you can cherish it.
Owning a bicycle should be a happy mood.

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Use that cash towards a cycling trip, when we’re in a position to do so.

Make some memories riding your new bike :+1:


Use that money towards some other upgrades. I shaved almost 400 grams switching tires on my gravel bike and it cost me $100.

Maybe new aero bar/stem combo or new seat post and lighter seat. Or maybe a couple of really nice kits. Nothing makes you faster than a new kit or new shoes!


But what colour is it? :slight_smile:


How many bikes do you ride? A pedal based power meter which is easily switchable between bikes and kills any potential differences in measurement with differing power meters may offer better value.

The only issue is due to Covid stocks of Assioma and to a lesser extent Vector 3s’ could present a challenge.

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You could get a really nice skin suit, aero socks, aero helmet, new sunglasses, spare bibs and tight fitting jersey, shoe covers, and still have some spare change left over to put towards next year’s TR subscription?

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For $350/750? I would have gotten the stock crank and gone (same PM). Then sold the stock crank for $100-150

FSA uses unique 16spline on the crankarms

Call FSA NA, they’ll have a part for you -

For me, hell no! But, when I was new to it all I thought it was and wasted so much money. So, even though I don’t think it’s a good idea I think it’s important for everyone to experience it for themselves. Only one way to find out.

Just a WAG but, I’d bet the vast majority of people who spent $750 for 200g would regret it in time.

Absolutely fantastic bike, and 200 grams will never matter to you…

I empathise with the feeling though. Genuinely. But apart from the feeling, it doesn’t matter. So, if the feeling of not being quite right bothers you - it some times bothers me! - and the money doesn’t matter to you, go carbon. If it doesn’t bother you, keep your dollars and do something better with them.

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For £750 I can do a 5 day cycling holiday in Mallorca, flights, 1/2 board in a nice hotel on the beach and entry to the Mallorca312.


Wow thanks for all the replies as good suggestions!! I guess I’m just going to save the money and stick with the alloy crankset. I’ve decided that I’m going to order some aero drop bars to add on during the build. I’m lucky enough I get to work with the bike shop through the process and be there to help. I need new mtb shoes, a new helmet, aero bars, NEW MTB. So it’s safe to say, the money can be used elsewhere!


Keep the money and just take a small dump before you go ride up a hill.