New bike, or upgrade current one

Hi everybody,

First of, thank you to everyone that responded. I’m always a little bit anxious asking things on the internet but every response was valuable and no one acted like an ass. Really awesome.

I keep changing my mind, every reply added an argument to my internal dialogue. I see three paths right now, and I’m not yet sure which way I’ll go. The third option by @OreoCookie, save up and go for that dreambike, is one I didn’t really consider, but has definitely become a contender. Especially with the reality of not being able to find the bike or components I want anyway. Why not wait a bit and go for that dreambike (Factor Ostro Vam) that does it all, and looks good while doing it.

I’ll probably change my mind a couple of times the coming months. For now I just ordered a decent Aero helmet (Giro Synthe) to kinda scratch that itch. Thanks again so far guys!



I just bought new chainrings (Cannondale Si), cassette, chains, tires, and full cables for my bike with 35000 kilometers. I am going to keep my eye out for some wheels, but I am not in a rush. This is a damn good frame (Super6 Evo HiMod), replacing it just seems silly for “marginal gains”.

I would rather work less overtime and ride more.


This is exactly how I built up my T-Lab. I got to choose all the components. Stem length, seat, crank length (although I ended up using my own GRX 2x crank set because there were impossible to source after April 2020) bar width, etc.

As things stand today you have a better chance at getting a new frame sans components than a full bike, although the LBS in my area DO have Tri/TT bikes on hand.

I’d say get a pro fit, update bar width, stem length, seat, maybe crank length if it’s strongly suggested, throw on a new set of tires and call it good for the next 12-18 months. By then the supply chains should be back to something like normal and you’ll have a LOT better idea of what you want in a new bike.

I’d vote for keeping the old bike and maybe adding some new wheels. My Colnago is 2014 era. A couple of years ago I wanted a bit more speed for group rides. I did Farsports 50mm wheels ($600), race fit jersey, and aero road helmet. It was a fantastic upgrade aerodynamically.

Being that bikes are hard to come by these days and that you have to pay full MSRP (20% more than a couple of years ago), I’m just waiting until this covid/supply chain mess is over with before I buy another bike. As it is, I can ride my 2014 Colnago until it breaks which could be decades.

You also don’t need a new groupset. They are also hard to come by. Get a new cassette, chain, maybe chainrings, maybe pulleys, and shift cables along with your new aero wheels. Your bike will feel like new.

That said, if you want a new bike and have the cash then go for it. Life goes on… :slight_smile:

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I’m having some bike drama and yesterday went looking for something local - and just paid for a Tarmac SL7 Comp Rival eTap in satin teal/black (58cm from Mikes Bikes). It was either that or a Trek Checkpoint SL5 in orange from LBS. Really like both colors. Not much inventory out there, but bikes are trickling in!


Nice! When I am next in need of a road bike, the SL7 Tarmac is at the top of the list right now.


So that is your bike problem you mentioned yesterday on the call!

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Last year before the pandemic I finally bought a new bike - Cervelo R2 105 rim - flat around here. I had my old Trek 200 0 for 18 years, so it was easy decision to not upgrade.

Yup, the decision was making the 3T a 1x, waiting for another frame, or sending it back. Its going back and I’m going with a race bike with room for 32mm tires.


I assume you are talking about the Strada? Judging from mine (with Pirelli 28 mm tires, but I reckon they are wider than what is on the tin, 29-30 mm), I think 30 mm actual width as measured ist the limit. 32 mm might fit, but the clearance is then so low that you are just asking for trouble.

Exploro Race. The issue was I had the frame swapped out on Monday, and the new frame had clearance issues with the crank. The mechanic said something in passing but I didn’t look until after the first ride. Couldn’t pass a business card between the frame and two of the 4 crankbolts on the SRAM Force AXS 2x crank. My original frame was fine with exact same components. As requested by 3T got the mechanic on the phone with SRAM and they said 2mm spacer (it was there) and referenced frame fit specs. By that doc, going to 1x or 43-30 wide crank were solutions, as was swapping out the frame (again). Played with preload to give more room on drive side, but no dice.

Tires have been fine, I had 35x622 tires that measured out to 38mm and no issues. Sad, I really like the bike. With the wide 386 BB it was a tight fit to begin with but fine until the swap out. Would be perfect in 1x with the wider clearance, or maybe 2x in Red as there are no bolts for the chainrings…

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Out of curiosity, how did you like it as a road bike? I’ve only test ridden an Exploro once, but it had mountain bike tires and there wasn’t any trails nearby to test it in its natural habitat. But tire clearance on the Exploro should not be an issue.

No issues with tire clearance. Really really liked it as a road bike, balanced, stable, and more agile than my gen1 Domane. Loads of fun. My Enve 5.6 with 26c tires had similar holding speed as the wider Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V with 32c Conti GP5000 TL. On Tuesday I went out for a zone2 ride and was pushing 200W on the flats with a light tailwind and doing 25+mph - really no problem holding speed with the big aero shaped tubing and relatively shallow Aeolus wheels with ridiculously wide 32c and 35c tires. Only minor gripe, as a tailwind surfer and thinking about a better chainline, is that 46 big ring is likely the largest that will fit given the chainstay configuration to support wider gravel and 2.1 mtb tires (on 650 rims). But that is likely a limitation of any bike that can fit up to 40-45 rubber on 700c rims. And only a consideration because of how common it is to hit high speeds while surfing the tailwinds.

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