New Apple TV 4K with Faster Chip and Cheaper Price

Looks like the Zwifty crowd (and other training apps) will have a newly upgraded option soon.

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Welp…guess that explains the $107 price the other week on Amazon Prime Days! :man_shrugging:t2:


HA, life with tech and progress is a B innnit :stuck_out_tongue:

I had seen just enough hints in other tech media that a new ATV might be coming to wait on those great sales. I think you got a fine deal, but it is sure interesting to see the improved spec AND reduced MSRP on the new model.

I am curious to see how long it takes Zwift to potentially offer improved performance vs the current gens, if they ever do. My wife likes her ATV for how quick and easy it is to use. I tried it but struggle to backstep a bit on graphics compared to my gaming PC. If the new model allows Z to improve, it might be the next choice for me vs a new PC down the line.

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Yeah, I’m fine with the price I paid…dunno that I would ever really notice the differences anyway…plus my ATV for the pain Cave is only hooked up to a 720p TV anyway.

The speed at which I can get onto Zwift via ATV is a huge draw for me…even though the remote still sucks donkey b*alls. :rofl: :rofl:


Oh jeez, now the “you can build a cheaper Zwift tower” people are going to have a field day. :-p

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Didn’t they similar things when they released the the 2021 compared to the 2017 version, and yet when DCRainmaker reviewed it, found the graphics to be more limited (missing shadows , see 7min onwards)

I am pretty sure Zwift added an update later that took more advantage of the better system, and added in shadows among other visual enhancements. I will try to find the follow-up that I think I saw a while ago. might have been a GP Lama vide IIRC.

I believe they, as in they brought upto the standards of the 2017 machine, rather than the basic profile that it used at launch, if thats correct (which i believe it is), think my point stills stands, that they claimed better hardware performance in the 2021 update compared to the 2017, at launch it was worse, now it’s no better

I doubt the 2023 version is going to be a must have upgrade for 2017 ATV owners

Though I might buy it as I am still using the 2017 remote on mine (when I don’t use my PC for zwift)

Still a shit remote

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Agree, but there are degree’s of shitness

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I don’t mind the new one with the circle touchpad and the directional arrows…but I haven’t tried that one on Zwift yet, either.

my phone is a better remote.

Lol they updated the remote to be USB-C.

I…like the remote. I am kind of surprised I am in the minority. Each to their own.

I wonder how much more performance we get on Zwift with an A15, if anything noteworthy.

I love my ATV for Zwift. It’s quick to start up and does it’s app updates automatically so I never get the update install delays which seem to happen almost every single time I open Zwift on my computer. I find the performance just fine and since upgrading to the new remote I’ve had no more remote issues.

I was going to have some sort of streaming device in the pain cave anyway so my “real” cost was just the difference between an ATV and a Roku (which I prefer for general streaming). It ended up being one of my cheapest training aids.


They updated the graphics profile on ATV4K Gen II to match Gen I. Not sure if there was anything special added since.

I don’t expect ATV 4K Gen III to be any different from a graphics standpoint (or BLE limit). Zwift have been reluctant to add specific profiles for each machine in the past, I don’t see that changing.

Having said that, I’ve just ordered one. 2022 has been a year of non stop technical disappointment… might as well keep riding that wave, I guess. :man_shrugging:t2::rofl:


Ah, good to know. I don’t follow the Apple related stuff close at all, so flying by my questionable memory there.

  • Hope springs eternal. Thanks for taking the hits so we don’t have to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know if they allow more than 2 bluetooth connections yet?

No change there from what I saw (1x for remote, 2x open).

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