MIni PC advice/help would be appreciated (UK)

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I’m tired of sharing the family desktop so wanted to pick up a dedicated tool to run TR and occasionally overlay into Z. I have a spare monitor and tv to project onto and so considering a Mini PC. From people who know better, would the below item be capable?


It will be enough for TR but you might have to check Zwift’s minimum spec

I bought a used ipad mini for zwift, that seemed one of the cheaper options.

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Are you me?, I’ve been looking for the same i even looked at that exact system last night (and discounted it as under powered)

I did see this that looked interesting. Although i couldn’t decide if it had enough graphics power or not.

The other option was a refubished SFF that has space for a graphics card.

I looked at a few of these options and ended up concluding that the apple TV was the best value.

Yeah DC rainmaker often touts the apple TV as the go-to “just works” option for zwift. However, the last article he wrote he complained about how often it crashes and how clunky the user interface is - he pinned this on poor zwift software though.

this was a good read when I was looking and there’s also a thread I posted about a laptop.

Ended up getting an Asus Vivobook laptop that runs them both really well - and we needed a new laptop for the schooling during lockdown. I got mine from Argos.

There is a link within this thread about minimum zwift requirements etc

there’s a bit towards the end of this article about doing it on a tighter budget…

I have a similar mini pc, which I had planned to use with TR, which I doubt it will have any problem with.

However, I haven’t tried Zwift on it, as I really don’t think it would meet the minimum requirements.

fwiw, I’ve never had zwift on AppleTV crash on me - I’ve had a couple of issues logging in post updates, and that’s it. I tried using close to minimum spec android, and it worked fine, until I did a large event in lockdown 1. It couldn’t cope with large events, even in the subsequent ones where they split the pens down.

The majority of issues that I see or hear about are people with close to minimum specs. I’m definitely not an Apple fanboy, and yes the remote is rubbish (although I’m getting better with it), but the price difference between a laptop for schoolies and a gaming laptop for schoolies and zwift was more than the price of AppleTV when I was looking back in April (in Ireland anyway). Probably different if you could build your own PC, which I can’t!

Thanks - is it possible to run both programmes (TR and Z) at the same time on Apple TV? I assume it is bluetooth only and so could only connect my devices to one programme.

Sorry, I’m not sure because I ended up buying a laptop instead of Apple TV. And I run Zwift and TR on separate hardware anyway

TR not on Apple TV, notwithstanding the bluetooth issue.