Need urgent help: ultegra r8000 stopped shifting up

Need urgent help: ultegra r8100 stopped shifting up, the handle seems sort of stuck

Cable probably frayed inside the shifter.

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:frowning: the cable end has shot out of the hold and now is stuck inside the shifter :frowning:

it’s worse something broke inside, that shifter is a goner

Something other than the cable broke?

When my R7000 cable frayed it took a while with some needle nose pliers and a flashlight to grab a hold of it. Also, when you peel back the hood cover make sure that it isn’t getting the tiny shift lever (behind the big one you hit with your hand) stuck in the “up” position.

It’s not necessarily broken. If you’re very careful you might be able to pick everything out. There’s videos on YouTube of how to do it

something dropped from the shifter, some broken plastic

Oops!! Looks like there’s lots of little bits of frayed cable too!! Take this to a shop - they may still be able to save the shifter.

Yeah, if that’s half the unit cover (Y0BF98060/Y0BG98060), the part is available so it may just be a matter of getting the rest of the cable out and replacing that part.

When I had a cable fray I had to work it out of the hole enough to cut off the end, then pull it out the derailler side.

I can’t see any pics of the part you posted but I don’t think it is, I removed the cover underneath and that still seems intact. The broken piece dropped down from the front where the levers are

This is the photo from above.

It is a removable piece that makes it much easier to remove frayed bits of cable that are in the shifter, also to clean.

I dont think the shifters broken. Just take it to the shop to make sure they can get all the little bit’s out and order a new piece in (if the piece is cracked and actually needs replacing).

Edit just read your post above properly.

My thought went to that piece too. Can you take a photo of where you think its broken from?
Your second photo is the bit of plastic you removed from your shifter right? Not the bit thats broken?

Looking at their other thread it looks as though they have already ordered an sram 12 speed group :joy:

I am going both routes. I can still cancel of course if I can get this fixed.


yes it’s the cap in your photo, it’s not broken. I’m not home right so can’t take a pic of where it came from but it came out as I was trying to downshift (big lever) to unbudge to cable from somewhere where the levers attach

I managed to get out the bit of cable and recabled but the shifter isn’t working correctly, often the big lever gets stuck but not always