Looking for opinions on new race bike

I’m going to race some crits in 2022. I need a new road bike.

Looking for feedback on 3 bikes.

Canyon Aeroad seems like the best bang for buck, looking at the $6000 complete bike 2/22

SL7 pro or sworks I can get it the frame now and swap my parts from my Aspero.

Cervelo S5 complete bikes comes di2 12s, limited availability

I’m leaning towards sl7

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I’d go whole bike rather than swapping parts.

I’d go SL7 pro. Checkout NorCal cycling video on the S works v pro.

If not specialized Canyon. My 2 favorite brands so take it with a grain.


If you can wait, there’ll probably be a complete refresh of the Ultimate this year

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If I stack them next together the sl7 pro is 2k more then the canyon. Don’t know if it’s 2k better.

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Yea, that’s like me telling my kids air force 1s are as good as Jordan’s. I mean they are both shoes and cover your feet.

And yes, I hear you. It is why I ride a canyon mtb.

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Love the analogy

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Maybe controversial opinion, but race a bike that it wouldn’t bother you too much if you crashed and destroyed it. Buy a nice bike for outdoor riding / training / weekend rides and race an older bike.

I’d rather trash a $2k bike than drop $6k+ on a new bike and wreck that.


Seems the critical question is will you miss your Aspero….if you do any gravel riding, what will you use for that if you strip the Aspero?

I have my Ridley kanzo fast. I used that for all of my gravel races but one.

I road my Aspero for most fast road rides as I had more gear


Get the SL7 then.


I second this. My last crash was at the weekly practice race and due to someone else’s decision, and it cost me a bike frame.

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Still on the fence but leaning towards the sl7

Canyon has finally placed a date that I could order a new bike from them. I know Ill pay more to build the sl7 but I know I can get it and where I can order parts. Canyon just has to many unknowns

You can get your hands on an SL7?

For a race bike, Giants come with a 2 year crash warranty on top of their lifetime warranty.

There are a few frame sets of the sl7 available, thats the great thing about Specalized website you can do a search and find any stock all over the country. The shops cant ship complete bikes though. I know excel has one in stock with no tax and no shipping.

Yeah my buddy crashed his giant and they are giving him a brand new bike. My sponsor is a Giant dealer and a Cannondale dealer and BMC and both manufactures stated no bikes being sent out till middle of the summer is best case. BMC does have bikes but not the aero bike that I would want.

You would think that some entrepreneurial type in Boulder would pick up your purchase and mail it. Like Uber Eats for bikes.

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