Nashville's Fast GSD Group Ride

Hey Cyclists of The Internet: I’ve had some inquiries from our YouTube subscribers to get on the camera band wagon; I’ve had a couple go pro’s kicking around so I mounted them on my bike to make it now look ugly IMO, but, I must admit, the videos are pretty cool to have.

What do you like / dislike about the videos?
What other metrics might you be interested in?

I realized the camera sizing isn’t ideal; any free options out there better than OpenShot?

Thanks for your feedback. Here’s the file image of the effort in the video.

Have a great day!


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This YouTube guy does excellent crit/road racing breakdowns. Here’s how he uploads/edits his videos. It may help you with yours.


awesome thanks!!

@Nate_Pearson and team do a phenomenal job with their videos and I also really like NorCalCycling video format as well:

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