My training has fallen off a cliff

Plan builder is rubbish

Have a read of this. It’s a very interesting take on why it’s difficult to loose and KEEP the weight off.

By the way its great to see how you’ve bounced back from your fatigue/possible overtraining.

hey @MrSmith670! Again, congrats and good to hear it works for you! Regarding weight I’d say relax and don’t force it too much. With a lot of riding you’ll eventually get there. Also, its still quite a few weeks until you want to go for the hard century ride.

Looking back on my weight vs. power numbers it seems that minimum-weight was not always the best idea.
At 1.91m (or 6’3"), my “race” weight seems to be around 78-79kg. While I could go lower than that, usually I see power numbers suffering as well. So as long as its not purely racing up a hill to the finish line I’d almost always say “better be more powerful with 1-2 kg more bodyweight” rather than lightweight but without the punch required every now and then.

Entertaining thread and read! Again, thanks a lot for sharing your findings!

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